Halloween Party Prep

I can’t rival Cher Mere with this, but I did impress myself with my organized craft party set up (which of course fell apart immediately once the crafting began, but that’s OK).

As I said to my friend Dawn, I don’t know how I can be so hyper-organized and so chaotic and messy all at once. Should I even confess to you that all of my crafts came direct from the Martha Stewart Halloween special issue? Say what you will, I love Martha for doing things really well and who cares if it freaks other people out.

Here’s what we started with:

Spider Egg Sacs


Cat/Pumpkin Ornaments


Pumpkin-head Witches


Bat Garland


Witch Cupcakes


And a little something to keep the grown-ups calm (I know Martha approves):


Once the kids dug in it was hard to get photos of the finish products, but I’ll put a bit of the results up tomorrow.



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2 responses to “Halloween Party Prep

  1. Hey Shaun -That looks like one really fun Halloween party! Wow! We have never had one, but maybe we should. I always worry about the details – with any more than 10 or so people. I liked reading Dawn’s blog. I think that DH and I would have fit in very well in MN (well he was a Minnesotan anyway) but seem to have found our spot here – though we always look back – well at least I do. Andrea

  2. Cool Party!

    I really loved that issue. I got a lot of inspirations from it too. I do love her magazines but a lot of it is too involved for me.

    (thanks for the shout out.)

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