I’m Doing It — NaNoWriMo

Really I’m doing it on a whim. Plus, I like that NaNoWriMo looks vaguely like Nanaimo bar, which is a Canadian sweet.

NaNoWriMo means National Novel Writing Month, and if you sign up and write 50,000 words during the month of November, you are a winner.

My goal for 2007 was actually to write a bad short story, but I guess I might as well go all out and write a bad novel instead. I actually have a plot idea (it’s a secret! because I’m embarrassed! not because I think you’ll steal it!), and it feels like it might turn out to be a young adult novel. I don’t know. I’m just getting it over with.

So, my writing friends and past NaNoWriMo’ers out there, you can sign up and be my writing buddy if you like. I doubt I’ll have time for any write-ins or meet-ups, or whatever. Wouldn’t it be better to be at home, writing?

I tell myself this is a homeschool thing, too. First of all, my daughter is farther along on her first novel than I am. (Not that I really have ambitions as a novelist, I guess.) My spending time on this is a great education for my kids about lifelong learning and trying new things.

What I love about homeschool is that, for us anyway, it really seems to prod parents to recommit to lifelong learning for themselves. Of course I am always learning new things as a part of my work, but I’m learning Chinese and guitar, I’m knitting much more, and now this novel thing. I’m sure one needn’t homeschool to do that, but it seems to have had an effect on us all the same.



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7 responses to “I’m Doing It — NaNoWriMo

  1. b.elle

    Do it, definitely. It’s worth it, even when you crash and burn like I did last year. (one should never change neuro meds going into a project like this) Learned a ton, just reading the forums. There is some good, solid advice in there, amid all the silliness.

  2. I’m very impressed that you are familiar with the divine concoction that is the Nanaimo Bar!

    (Time to go and dig up a recipe …)

  3. What is your user id?

    Mine is 152749

  4. shaun

    Mine is 230952. Does that mean 230,952 people have created accounts? I assume that is over the last several years.

  5. b.elle

    Where is the ID?

  6. Congratulations on your commitment. I so agree with you on life long learning. Ami is a piano player, and I use to take it, but just by watching her I have picked up so much. At least, I can sit down read the music and play something if I practice.

  7. shaun

    B.elle, I discerned my user number by going to my profile (View Profile link) then looking at the URL: the numbers at the end, after /user/, are the ID number.

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