Happy Halloween

We used up all the batteries in the camera somehow, so no Halloween photos! 😦

Violet changed her mind and decided to go as a gypsy (kind of un-PC, I guess), and Victoria was a cat, just like last year. It was all rather spur of the moment.

Victoria ran from house to house singing for about the first 1/2 of our outing. Here is a snippet of her made-up song: “The candy-getters / are on the run!” The girls like to generate their own theme music for running.

I really enjoy that our neighborhood is much like I remember my childhood neighborhood: most houses have their porch lights on , many are decorated, older kids are out running in packs on their own. I saw no slutty costumes among the many near-teen/teen girls I saw — though who can be slutty this time of year in Minnesota? Good old ghosts, vampires, and a particularly awesome picnic table.

I know a lot of places have alternate trick-or-treat options now, I guess for safety concerns, but I love that our neighborhood can do it the old-fashioned way.

Speaking of neighborhoods, I recently learned that I live in the best-educated zip code in the state of Minnesota (most grad and professional degrees). Intriguingly, we are not even in the top 100 for income. I assume that’s because in part we’re in the top 50 youngest zip codes. Can you tell that we live near more than one college or university?



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3 responses to “Happy Halloween

  1. Oh no! No photos! Tonight, I came to visit your blog to look at the girls. Happy Halloween!

  2. Oh no! Maybe the girls will dress up again for some pictures?

    I love the “slutty in Minnesota” comment. LOL! That is such a good point.

    I’t cool that your neighborhood is still doing the more traditional trick or treating. I am very happy we also had that.

  3. *Frown* (I think I lost my blog post to this)

    Do you think the girls would get dressed up again so you can take pictures when your camera is fixed?

    I love that they make up “running” songs – that totally reminds me of Z.

    Good on you and your neighborhood. That is a nice statistic to be part of.

    ps. LOL about slutty in Minnesota.

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