Enough Being Coy

OK, so Violet got into Davidson, and to answer Cher Mere’s question, yes, I am elated!

I am really excited at the idea that as Violet gets older we might find mentors for her in pursuing her interests. I would really like some help in thinking about alternatives to early college admission (by early I mean 15 or younger, 16 is OK with me).

But the elation part comes more out of relief and even a bit of vindication. After all this time out of the school system (and I don’t put all the blame on the school), I am still plagued by doubts that I am a pushy parent with a grossly inflated sense of my child’s intelligence and abilities. (Let me tell you, doing math with a child high on Halloween candy can give you similar doubts!) A little outside validation goes a long way with me, however unnecessary it may really be.

It is probably telling that I am always excited to find that I dwell at least near the realms of reality.



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4 responses to “Enough Being Coy

  1. Again, congratulations. I am so happy for you! I can understand about the validation aspect. Davidson is like a dream – mentors! experienced advice! friends! If only it was an international organisation. But then, my kid probably wouldn’t qualify, lol! Doing a happy dance for you and Miss Violet with the sparkly eyes and fabulous smile. Oh, and awesome mind. 🙂

  2. Yes, congratulations again. It really is such a challenge at times.

  3. Yeah, go ahead and say it! *grin*

    I just wanted to share that I never thought myself that Z was “Davidson” material and when she got in it felt so unreal. My friend, who child is now also in Davidson, was the first I told and she screamed and jumped up and down and hugged me. It was great to have someone to share my excitement with. So please feel that you can share here.

  4. J

    I totally understand your feelings. I laughed and then cried when we got the letter that K was accepted. Finally, I felt like I wasn’t just a crazy, pushy mother. Someone ELSE thought my kid was amazing, too! If nothing else, Davidson’s acceptance gave me the confidence to advocate for K in various areas.

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