How Bout If?

Thursday is one of my favorite homeschooling days: we aren’t home. We have ice skating, so I walk the track or knit or chat or just hang out with one of the kids while the other is on the ice. A little break for lunch, then we’re off to co-op til evening, then it’s dinnner and bed, pretty much. None of the stuff I should be doing at home is near me. I’m not working hard, I’m just doing the daily stuff. It’s a pleasant sensation.

We have made good use of our long time in the car on Thursdays for audiobooks and learning some Spanish. But I also enjoy the games the girls make up to pass the time. These invariably start, as many games at home do, with “How ’bout if . . . ”

“How bout if we’re orphans and you’re the mean orphanage lady?”

“How bout if you’re a dog and I’m your owner.”

“How bout if we’re two cute sisters and we love each other?”

(That last is from today. What does it mean this this a pretend game?)

Here are snippets from awesome scene acted out in the back of my car today:

“How bout if [stuffed animal #1] and [stuffed animal #2] are in the opera, and its a poodle opera?”
The “dogs” sing along to the classical music on the radio

“Let’s sing in Gibberish French!”
The “dogs” sing nonsense words with French accents.

“Improvise! Improvise! . . . Make it up!”
Violet is exhorting Victoria, who is apparently not sure what “improvise” means.



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2 responses to “How Bout If?

  1. Very Cute!

    Except for the driving, my favorite days are the two we are out, also. I can just sit back and do my own thing.

  2. Oh! Z would love a little sister to do that with! She is quite proficient in Gibberish French.


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