History Summary — The Conquistadors; or, A Love Triangle

[from the ongoing saga of the time-traveler Destiny, now enslaved by conquistadors to mine gold]Gold! Gold! Gold!How Spain got Gold! Gold! Gold!The young girl pretending to be a boy stood up. She was named Destiny, and she was a time-traveler. Destiny grabbed the bag of quartz and started up the steep tunnel. She reached the flickering light of the end of the tunnel and ran. She tripped over a rock and fell forward. A boy named William stood there. “There you are!” he said. Destiny got up and picked up the bag. “There you go, William,” she said. William snorted and took the bag. “The conquistadors didn’t come here so they could steal all the gold,” he said in a nasal tone, “they came so that we each would get a fair share.” Destiny had to admit he was right. The conquistadors hadn’t taken all the gold. Yet, said a little voice in her head. Destiny decided to go with the voice in her head. “How do you know they aren’t going to take all the gold?” she blustered. “What if we’re left with none? What if, even when there’s hardly any left, they force us to give them the rest? Those stupid contracts can’t permit them to do anything! Anything!” And she was right. Soon there was hardly any gold left. One day Destiny was arguing with William. William was saying, “The conquistadors mean no harm! They will give some of the gold to us! The contracts are official!” And Destiny was saying, “No! The contracts are official but they do not mean anything, anything, ANYTHING! They cannot keep doing this! They cannot! ” And Destiny’s good friend Misha was saying, “I agree with William. The conquistadors will give us the gold back.” Destiny hissed, “But they aren’t! Some of the men are leaving with all of the gold tommorow! And they are going to Spain!” Misha gasped, “What?” Destiny turned away. “But I guess they aren’t actually going to give it to Spain. Apparently they had a change of heart, and they’re going to bring the gold back.” Destiny said sarcastically. A pause, then: “I thought friends always agreed! We said we would always agree, Misha! And don’t think I don’t know you love William!” Misha gasped. “How—how—” “None of your business! All I know is we have to stop them! One o’clock tomorrow morning sharp!”They met at one o’clock, but the ships were leaving. “No, no!” screamed Misha. “Come back! Come back! Please!” Destiny was swimming towards the boat… “Please!” Destiny was nearly there… “Please…” Misha was crying. And Destiny disappeared. The last thing Misha and William saw was an underwater tornado that only lasted two seconds. [My apologies, wordpress is going insane and refuses to maintain my paragraph breaks, even when I use html]



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3 responses to “History Summary — The Conquistadors; or, A Love Triangle

  1. whoa – that was tense!

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