First Recital!

Pre-recital snow playing:


Pre-recital posing:


We had a very nice recital, with Victoria belting out the group song and then electing to be the only child not playing “Hot Cross Buns.” Her song was called “Stars are the Jewels of the Sky” — it uses all 5 fingers!  Her little bow after the group song and her own song was very sweet. I wish the recital setting did not turn out such dim photos! Someday perhaps I will figure out embedded videos, but until then I can only hope you admire her very grown-up looks. She was quite pleased with herself.




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3 responses to “First Recital!

  1. Congratulations Victoria. She does look grown-up, doesn’t she? Congratulations to you too on doing such a good job with both your girls.

  2. Congratualtions to Victoria. She looks so cute!

  3. Victoria is so pretty!

    I am glad she enjoyed herself at the recital.

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