Some December Scenes

Today we got to go to one of our family’s favorite holiday plays: A Year With Frog and Toad. The show had its nationwide premiere right here in Minnesota, and it comes back every few years. This year Frog was played by a guy I went to college with, back in my days as a music major. He was cute as ever! Especially playing such a lovable character. He has a great voice, too. This was Victoria’s first time seeing the play, though she knows the soundtrack practically by heart. Many of the songs are so poignant. I almost cried as Toad sang to his seeds! And I adore the Snail with the Mail. A happy morning, made all the more pleasant with a steadily falling snow.

The view out my front door and back door during today’s lovely snowstorm. I hope in this shot you can actually see the snow flakes — in addition to a lawn chair that never quite made it back into the garage!

IMG_0587 IMG_0598

After lunch I noticed that Violet’s piano practice book said “Bring Holiday Music.” Finally, something to prod me to get out the holiday decorations. I found a couple of books that were actually mine, but perhaps one of them will be at the right level for her. I decided we should learn a couple of carols, so today we practiced Silent Night and O Christmas Tree (to which Victoria had been singing, “how beautiful your lightbulbs”). Such is Advent homeschool.
We got out my beloved ornament chandelier, especially useful when we don’t get a tree, like last year. The past two years we have not had a tree, because I have been concerned about our dog knocking it over. (Ask me how I know that can happen!) But I’d like to try again this year, now that she is a tiny bit mellowed. Also a scene from a little play I like to call “The Wedding of the Christmas Ornaments”

IMG_0590_1 IMG_0603

As you can see, Elvis is marrying Clara, having chosen her in favor of Anastasia — I am assuming Anastasia is the bridal barbie, and perhaps the nun is presiding over the ceremony. The ceremony included a guitar solo from Elvis, and some great lyrics (I can’t remember verbatim) along the lines of:

Now I can make my decision
Because you were made with more precision.

I wish I could just watch these little musicals all day.



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4 responses to “Some December Scenes

  1. I can’t wait until we can see Frog and Toad. I used to love reading those books to Z.

    I think the pictures are lovely.

  2. alicefairyland

    Pretty photo of the snow.

  3. Sounds like a great musical! Frog and Toad too.:-)

  4. Weel nice snowy shots.Rgds

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