The Nutcracker Claims Another One

On Wednesday we were privileged to attend one of the Minnesota Orchestra’s holiday shows for students. I have taken Violet to one of these, but this is the first time I have taken Victoria.

It was a great success. She sat in my lap the whole time, in order to see better. She was still and attentive through the whole thing. But one number captured her heart above all others.

It was, of course, the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, complete with a traditionally attired beautiful ballerina, en pointe with a classic pink tutu. My heart melted before I even saw her, as I could hear all the children in the hall gasp in awe as soon as she started on to the stage. Hearing 10 busloads of school children draw in, as one, an astonished breath at the beauty of a classical ballerina on the orchestra stage surely kindles one’s holiday spirit.

But I did not get fully choked up until the dance began, and then little Victoria pressed her mouth to my ear and said in a warm whisper: “I want to do that.” She was grave, reverent, and fully determined.

The next day what should appear in the Advent calendar but a scheme to head to the local Barnes and Noble to pick up a Nutcracker CD. We came home with a CD, a DVD of the Bolshoi Ballet, and a new Nutcracker picture book. (Perhaps I’ll add photos later.)

Now Victoria knows just what she wants for Christmas: a nutcracker of her own, of course!



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4 responses to “The Nutcracker Claims Another One

  1. I can totally picture it. How sweet šŸ™‚

  2. That is neat that the little one enjoyed it as well. We love it too and will be going soon.

  3. Very sweet, I love hearing that “gasp” as well.

  4. Hey: depending where you are in MN, there are lots of homeschool families at Ballet Minnesota’s Classical Ballet Academy, where they do The Nutcracker at St. Kate’s every Christmas. Email me off list if you want more info. The littlest ones get to be mice (4 & 5 yo), then angels, then rats, then character roles. My daughter was a rat this year, age 9.

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