25 Books for the New Year

Three days to fill in my reading list for the new year! I’m modifying an idea I got from Angela, who is doing an 8×8 list  — eight categories, eight books. I just can’t plan ahead that far — and I am always reading mountains between homeschool and work anyway — so I’m going 5×5, well aware that I’ll read much more than 25 books in 2008. And I’m not counting cooking, crafting, homeschooling, or related “lifestyle” or how-to books. As you can see, my less serious categories are the ones that need help, so help!

Aristotle, Poetics
Pleasures of the Imagination, Addison
Critique of Judgment, Kant
Philosophical Enquiry into the Origins of the Sublime and Beautiful, Burke
Aesthetic Theory, Adorno

Return of the Prodigal Son — Henri Nouwen (actually, I started this one a long time ago, but I need to finish it)
Dark Night of the Soul — John of the Cross
L’Histoire d’une Ame — Therese of Lisieux
Way of Perfection — Theresa of Avila
Spe Salvi — Pope Benedict XVI

Mill on the Floss — George Eliot
Lolita — Nabokov
Northanger Abbey — Austen
Castle of Otranto — Walpole

Recommendations I’ve Received
Fun Home — a suggestion from Rex Parker
Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse — Amazon has been putting this at the top of my recommendations for years now
Eat, Pray, Love — Elizabeth Gilbert

Contemporary (let’s say . . . post-2000? any genre)
Good Fairies of New York — Martin Millar
Thursday Next Sequel — Jasper Fforde



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2 responses to “25 Books for the New Year

  1. knittingthewind

    Wow, I’m impressed! I’m not so disciplined that I could write up a list like this, let alone stick to it.

    No offence, but I can’t imagine why anyone would want to read Lolita, what a difficult book that is, I studied it at uni and really did not enjoy doing so at all. Other Nabokov books are more to my taste. But Northanger Abbey is pure delight!

    For contemporary literature, I would recommend Theodora Goss (In The Forest of Forgetting) and Kelly Link and Susannah Clarke. If you like Jasper Fforde you might also like Terry Pratchett. You could try an NZ author – In A Fishbone Church by Catherine Chidgey, or An Angel At My Table by Janet Frame are two very NZ type writers, or you could read something by Elizabeth Knox, who is more lightweight.

    Good luck with all that wonderful reading!

  2. Excellent and challenging list! I hope you will write some reviews of some of those books…I am always looking for more!

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