Second Anniversary of the Carnival of Homeschooling

The Cate family has maintained the Carnival of Homeschooling for two years now. I think I’ve had about four entries since I started this blog– here, here, here, and here. It’s a fun way to see a variety of blogs, and the variety of thought out there in homeschool-land. Google Reader has helped me out with this too, but the personal touch is still nice.

You can find the last CoH for 2007 here.

The Cates are also holding a contest to create some graphics for the carnival.

I’ve already mentioned that I will be hosting the carnival next week (the 1/8 edition, not the 1/1 edition). Please consider submitting a recent post that will inspire, inform, or amuse. Barring that, please consider writing a post that outlines some aspect of your homeschool schedule, as I described in an earlier post:

What I am hoping to feature in the Carnival is calendars, schedules, and any other way homeschoolers organize their time. I’d love to have someone write a post with just a typical week and how they fit it all in: Spanish every other day, co-op on Thursday, miss lessons for a doctor appt. Wednesday, field trip Friday morning, etc. I’d love a similar post focused on just one day. Maybe someone else would contribute the time-table of a unit study. Someone with a larger family might have a post showing how they maintain multiple schedules. There are brilliant bloggers who focus on the liturgical year. Could be someone out there has some thoughts on seasonal homeschooling? . . .

I would welcome post of a more general nature on the subject of scheduling, not scheduling, time, and the expansion of the universe, and I of course assume that folks will contribute regular homeschooling posts as they always do, but I am really hoping for some very practical examples of what a homeschooling day, week, month, or year looks like in a specific family, with representatives from all different kinds of families and educational philosophies.

If I am counting correctly, you have a week to write up that schedule post, and my offer to send out a reminder in a few days still stands.

If you are champing at the bit, you have one more day to submit a post to the very first CoH for the new year, hosted by the Cates at Why Homeschool.


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