Homeschooling Personality

I took a stab at Violet’s Myers-Briggs profile, based on an online quiz mentioned by Mariposa.

This seems pretty close to on target, but of course the questions are designed for adults rather than children, so I don’t think it is that reliable.

What’s seems accurate is that she likes things open ended, she likes to start but not so much to finish. On the one hand this is a great fit for homeschooling. On the other hand, it is maddening for a parent who might doubt what she is learning.

Violet would be the opposite of gifted according to Renzulli. “Task commitment” is visible very rarely — even when she is focused on creating, she prefers starting a new story, a new comic, a new song, rather than keep going once she’s got the sketch of the old one out of her mind and onto the keyboard (computer or piano). In a traditional school setting, no one would ever see it. Or if they were confronted with it, they might start telling you how she is really slow to put her snowpants away and never finishes basic math worksheets so she can’t need anything more advanced. Just as a random example . . . 😉

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For comparison’s sake, here is me:

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3 responses to “Homeschooling Personality

  1. That “new” fixation looks really familiar to me. Tigger is a couple of years older than Violet and she is just now starting to really stick to things and have goals and so on. She’s still open-ended (as am I, so I don’t find it too disturbing) but that “stick-with-it-ness” maybe just takes a while to develop.

    Have you read Cindy’s Collaborative Learning Process? She has some ideas about the ages at which creative learners (including gifted, I think) have big shifts in their learning. You can find it here:

  2. Hey stranger, thanks for link! Hope all is well in your travels.

    I can be a scarily self-disciplined person in some areas of life — naturally, I both want that and really don’t want that for my kids. I’ve spent the last few years trying to loosen up!

  3. This is defintely not spam comment! I took a look at Violet’s Myers-Briggs too. Agree with you. But I thought Violet is more on the creative and daring side, though do not exaxtly like ending properly.

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