The Author! You Genius!

I faithfully go through my spam filter to ensure there are no well meaning comments in there. I’ve developed a method that allows me to zip through without having to read the mind-bogglingly revolting stuff (honestly, sometimes it is so mind-boggling I stop to read the words again, just to see if I was hallucinating), but I do enjoy the spam comments that attempt to look like actual comments:

“Nice forum.”

“Sorry. 😦 ”

What I love most is “The Author! You Genius!”

Why must that always be spam?

Anyhoo, I am posting because I was inspired by Patience, who is correct that many readers (like me) love to go a-visiting on the blogging rounds, and it’s always a little deflating to be met with a “Mrs. is not at home,” especially after several stops.

We are busy getting ready to head to Isla Mujeres again — the site of last year’s Mexican vacation. It is just too good to be true. I feel like we are still failing terribly to live like real adults, and yet here we are taking another wonderful family vacation that we have organized for ourselves and friends, just like real people do! 😉

The odds and ends, especially getting my publishing work done, are eating up most of my blogging time, though I am overflowing with topics. Here are a few:

1. The new adaptation of Persuasion, as seen on Masterpiece Theatre (why just Masterpiece? I will call the Macy’s in downtown Minneapolis “Dayton’s” forever, and so shall I call “Masterpiece” “Masterpiece Theatre.”) I did not love it as I did the old Masterpiece Theatre version, with Amanda Root and whoever the hottie was who played Captain Wentworth. That Captain Wentworth was a man, this one was much more a guy. It was fine, but I did not care for the handheld camera effects — what was with all the running — and I missed the more fully developed secondary characters.

2. Our upcoming study of the history of the English language. I am quite excited. We will be putting our Story of the World books aside for about 10 weeks and following the English language through the Celts, Angles, Saxons, Vikings, Normans, and so forth — right alongside much of the English history we have studied in the past. Violet is very curious about learning German, so I think this will be a fun way to get some more exposure to that language. She wants to do another study of the Asian languages too. I was also thinking of something about alphabets and written languages . . .

3. Math is a frustration. Violet’s problem-solving skills are stalling out. She wants to solve everything in her head, and the problems are too complicated now for that. She loses track of what she is doing. I am not sure what to do, except to insist on her showing her work for awhile, which I am not inclined to do. I feel strongly that her problem-solving abilities (forming a strategy for solving a complex problem, not just computing) need work before we can move to the next grade level, regardless of test scores. I don’t want to get into serious algebra (thus far “algebra” has been mainly using single variables in simple problems) until she is really strong in her math. And since math is not her #1 interest, I don’t want to give it all our attention.

4. Victoria has an adorable Word Bank, ala Real Learning, and she likes it. We have not had as much luck following the Serendipity Alphabet Trail, I suspect because it does not fit her personality or mine, no matter how much I think it is wonderful and adorable. Victoria is so fiercely independent, and she does not really enjoy coloring at all. We do enjoy the game Fishing for Numbers quite a bit however. She matches numbers to dots, which is a basic skill in itself, but terrific for developing mental math skills in addition and subtraction. I think we will begin using dice too — she is quick to recognize the patterns and groupings, and I think this is helping her work on new math concepts.

5. My camera needs batteries — my camera eats batteries — so I cannot show you the scary picture of my desk nor any of my recent knitting adventures, including the finished sock and the progressing spring coat (formerly fall coat) and the completed tank top, just in time for Mexico!

That’s enough of a non-post for now! Hasta pronto!



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3 responses to “The Author! You Genius!

  1. I know what you mean about not feeling like a real adult. I am totally there with you.

    I watched Persuasion last night. Yep, Wentworth was very attractive. I like Anne she made me almost cry a couple times.

    My favorite part was when Wentworth saw Anne in Bath and was talking about how his friend shouldn’t have given up on his great love. *sigh*

  2. re. problem solving skills have you seen Ed Zaccharo’s How to be a Problem Solving Genius (if that isn’t exactly the right title it is close). That might help on the problem solving strategies front. And the layout is very appealing (or is to Tigger). It also has problems at 3 levels so you can find one that fits now but probably come back to it again in future when she might be ready for more difficult problems (or maybe the highest level works).

    Have a great holiday.

  3. knittingthewind

    Well I think you are a genius, so there.

    Except I disagree with you about the ITV Persuasion. Favourite movie ever. Admittedly, I haven’t seen the BBC version, which I believe was really good. And I did find the camera techniques aggravating. And I didn’t like the woman playing Anne. Still favourite movie though.

    What resources are you using for your study of the English language? It sounds like a wonderful course.

    Ironically, this post did not come up on my google reader; I am so glad I saw it now.

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