History Summary–Tobacco

Because it’s been a while . . .
Note: this is more of a read-aloud. Violet says this is supposed to have a Jabberwocky kind of feel — I think Dr. Seuss has a major hand in there as well.


And other smoky stuff

Hello. Are you wondering about that smoky stuff people call Tobacco? I know about it, so here goes…

A guy named John Rolfe wanted to go to Jamestown. But when he got there he saw that everyone was suffering. Luckily, John Rolfe knew that he could save the people. Into his pocket he reached and pulled out the most amazing, most fantastic thing ever…

A leaf.

“And what, may I ask, is so amazing about a leaf?” cried the townsfolk in disbelief. “Aha, now this is not just any leaf!” said Rolfe. “This is the amazing leaf! The one that will save us all!” he cried. The townsfolk stared. And John Rolfe said, ” Tobacco! Yes, tobacco, yes!” And one man cried, “Hurray! The things we lack will not kick our behind!” The people hurrahed and hurrayed. So the people of Jamestown hired indentured servants to plant and plant the delicious lemony leaf. They sold and sold the delicious lemony leaf. Hurrahing and hurraying was what the people in England did as they smoked until they rotted. In the year sixteen hundred and nineteen, the Jamestown colonists bought slaves from a Dutch ship and the slaves did not hurrah and hurray, for they mustn’t stop working, and planting, and working. Every year Jamestown bought many much more slaves. Success was theirs! Hurrah! Hurray! Their “green gold” goody was amazingly tasty and smoky! Hurray! Hurrah! And weebly-wah!



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4 responses to “History Summary–Tobacco

  1. knittingthewind

    Rofl! You’ve read a different version of the history of tobacco than we have, but I love the way she told this story. She’s such a card!

  2. This is hilarious. You’ve really captured a genuinely excited and interested child’s voice. Loving it… Did she write this, or dictate it?

    I’ve been wanting to introduce myself. Michael in NY told me about your blog, and I’ve really enjoyed it. I can already see that it’s going to become an important resource for me. I was a teacher at a tiny private school until we became homeschoolers in September, but I’ve yet to find my place in the local homeschooling community. Hoping to find some like-minded folks online.

  3. shaun

    Hi Lizabeth. We have found being online a really great way to find help and support from other homeschoolers — we also fell into homeschool with no plan or preparation and have been learning as we go. Our educational philosophy continues to be of the “seat of the pants” school.

    V. writes her own “narrations” — we did dictation when we first started, but we made a point of helping her learn to keyboard. When my husband was very young, his teacher suggested he learn typing as a way to let his writing keep up with his mind, and we had someone else suggest the same for V. The downside is her handwriting continues to be pretty bad!

  4. It is funny and she has a great vocabulary.

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