Are you interested in weather?

Here’s a quiz for you:

When you wake up and it’s 30 below with the wind chill (11 below air temp) and your furnace repairman has failed to show up all week with a needed part:

a)What temperature will your house be?

b) How much will you be charged for Saturday service?

My house is about 50 degrees. And we’re getting our money back for Saturday service, I can tell you that right now. We don’t pay for Angie’s List for this kind of crap.

But tomorrow — the girls and I start the first leg of our trip south, and we’ll meet up with Eggmaster in a few days to continue to Mexico. Woo hoo! Bring on the sun! I just have to get my hat and scarf on so I can stand to start packing.



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4 responses to “Are you interested in weather?

  1. On no! That is not good. It was six degrees when I went to the (indoor) Farmer’s Market this morning.

    How did I miss that you were going to Mexico?! That is so awesome! I’ve never been even though twice I lived in a neighboring state.

    Have fun! Take pictures!

  2. knittingthewind

    Have a wonderful trip!!!!

  3. Wow! Have a great trip! We were in Mexico for two weeks back in the early 90s, never been back. It’s beautiful there. I’m excited to see what you do with the girls in your travels.

  4. Have a wonderful vacation. It sounds like it will be a great break from your weather. We go on vacation in two weeks.

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