La Isla Bonita

So original, aren’t I?

Our trip was lovely — we did not do any touring or sightseeing, we did little shopping, we did eat at restaurants but very simply. We just enjoyed reading — I read three books! — playing in the sand and in the ocean, and staring at the wonderful view. I also got a fair amount of knitting done on the airplane — the spring coat may actually be a spring coat for 2008.

The trip was great for getting the girls charged up about learning Spanish. Victoria in particular seemed to enjoy hearing things in Spanish. We all said “Que calor!” frequently, and since Eggmaster has pretty solid basic Spanish skills we got to hear and try to decipher a lot of spoken Spanish.

I also think playing in the ocean is an education in itself. If either of our girls become physicists it will be because they played in the ocean and came to have an internal sense of force and motion. We got to talk about how some animals have skeletons on the outside and some have them on the inside — “I think that’s for protection,” Victoria volunteered — and we talked about how moving closer to the equator affects the length of days and the range of temperatures between seasons and between night and day.

We didn’t talk as much this year about Mayan history — on a future visit we’ll make time to see some ruins on la isla and on the mainland, but this year’s trip was about hanging out and doing nothing, which we sorely needed!

IMG_0868 IMG_0916

IMG_0838 IMG_0930

IMG_0857 IMG_0858

IMG_0943 IMG_0721

IMG_0729 IMG_0739

IMG_0784 IMG_0785



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3 responses to “La Isla Bonita

  1. It looks like the best kind of home education. 🙂 We are still hoping to take Cit to the beach this summer. She still hasn’t been.

  2. Gorgeous photos. It sounds like it was wonderful.

  3. man, that looks so nice! What a wonderful vacation!

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