A Little Update

So much has been going on lately, I have had no time to post.

But Violet has had a great week, so I want to get a little update out. I’d been feeling like I was really blowing her education, so I want to take time to enjoy feeling like *something* is going right.

Her play started this week. She is so cute in it! It is very much an amateur student play, but she’s having the time of her life. Even better, the director told me she has Violet in mind for a couple of projects next year, including some coaching in directing! Directing is something that I think suits her personality so well (“Miss Congeniality by birth, by campaign, and by pure charisma,” as the program puts it — in other words, if you don’t respond to her naturally, she’s going to try to win you over by force of will). As the play’s director said, working with older actors will give her the chance to develop her diplomacy and negotiation skills — instead of just being pushy!  So that was cool. [I’ll have to publish the full blurb later — it’s pretty funny to see the impression she’s made on the theatre people.]
Then, after coming home from opening night, we heard from Violet’s teacher that she had done well in the preliminary round of the state piano contest and would be advancing to the finals next month!  In her age group I don’t think it is all that competitve, but she really does work hard and challenge herself at the piano — more than anywhere else — so I am excited for her. If she does well in the finals she might get to play in the state honors concert, but that is a ways away. I love that her teacher has a great knack both for encouraging her to prepare well for the contest but also for downplaying its importance — love of piano and willingness to learn and practice are still the most important things.



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2 responses to “A Little Update

  1. that is great! What a great environment for her! Maybe she can direct and eventually write some scripts.

  2. Congratulations to her in both areas. It is also neat that she has the confidence to be in those activities.

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