Stay Back — I’m Bad News!

Here’s the latest: I fell down the stairs.

No broken bones, just lots of bruises and and a really sore, swollen hip/thigh area.

What is going on with me?

I fell the entire length of the staircase, which gave me plenty of time to injure my arm as I tried to grab something (what?) to slow my fall, and time to think — “Wow, this is really not good.”

So that’s three nights so far given over to random pain and misery. I’m a little afraid to leave the house tonight, but we’re taking Victoria to another show of Violet’s play. Oh, I will be glad when that play is done!!

In other news, Victoria continues her stealth learning, alternately saying she doesn’t know how to read and then unscrambling the word “hyena” while playing a game (this report from the nanny, naturally). She also surprised me with a little “skip counting” this morning — I was feeling really lame for lying around icing myself and not schooling, so I started asking her:

“How many eyes does the dog have?”
“How many eyes do you have?”
“How many eyes do I have?”
“How many do we have all together?”

And so on with other parts of the body.

[To PG-parenting friends: recall that for an average 4yo the skip counting and learning to read is pretty cool!]

Victoria is also showing a lot more interest in “school-y” stuff: she willingly spends time with her math workbook (at this age, I don’t do “unwilling,” which of course strikes Violet as unfair) and she asks for lots more stories. She is just 3 months short of 5 years, so maybe some kind of developmental change is occurring (how sad that with my 1st, I would have had 2 or 3 books at my side to confirm this instantly — this is why I can’t have a large family — 2 puts me over the edge!).

But the sitter is here so I can make up a lot of my lost work time, so I guess I should get to it. Interesting topic today: Civic Pageants during the Renaissance.

[One last thing: I had my “History of English” book with me during my Dr./Hospital sojourns Wednesday, so in addition to lots of knitting I made some real progress on planning our unit study — finally!]



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4 responses to “Stay Back — I’m Bad News!

  1. Oh jeez! I am so so sorry! I fell down the stairs right after Pere and I got married and I hurt my back. I had to go to physical therapy and even now, very later, my back is shot. And I didn’t even fall that far, I just fell on my tailbone.

    I hope you are going to be okay. Are you going to go to the Dr. to have it checked out?

    That is great news about Victoria. I think it is great to have two, both your girls are so cool and funny.

  2. knittingthewind

    Oh No! Please take care. It’s lovely to read about Victoria, I remember that stage of excitement and happiness over learning. Where did it all go?! I agree with Jane, your girls are cool and funny.

  3. Oh goodness, I hope you are feeling whole and well very soon. You’ve had a terrivle week. I love reading about Victoria learning!

  4. Ouch! Hope you feel better soon!

    Do you take any medications which might be interfering with your sense of proprioception?

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