Blogroll Update

I decided to update my blogroll a little — I had some defunct blogs on there, but more than that, I realized that relying on Google reader was causing me to miss a lot of blog posts, so I’m going to rely on my blogroll to remind me to hop around the Net.

I added friend-of-a-friend Elsie and Joe Deluxe — she is a former teacher at an alternative school, and she has great insights on homeschooling and homekeeping with an unschooling, feminist bent. Very smart!

I’ve also updated some Catholic linkies, including Karen Edmisten and Mrs. T, and a knitting blog I’ve been meaning to add ever since the famous Hemlock Ring pattern, which I am dying to try. (Is there a pun in there?)

Finally (in some cases, months later) I updated Cher Mere, Melissa Wiley, Jove, and Patience, and some of the PG families I’ve met through them, who I’ve been trying (unsuccessfully) to keep up with via Google Reader, namely J and Forte.

And even though she’s not posting right now, I’m keeping Nina on my list, because I have faith — even if she doesn’t! — that she will come out of the new-child fog and rise again eventually. It just may take awhile . . .


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One response to “Blogroll Update

  1. Thanks, Shaun. I’m very flattered…. but now of course I have to go be smart. Yikes!

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