I Give Up

OK, stupidly, I allowed myself to be drawn into a combox back-and-forth about homeschooling. It’s just — damn, some days I just get so sick of opinion, mushy logic, and half-assed “research” masquerading as rational thought.

Judge for yourself

Meantime, I’m assigning myself detention and 100 lines:

I must not waste time in comboxes.
I must not waste time in comboxes.
I must not waste time in comboxes.
I must not waste time in comboxes.
and so on . . .



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7 responses to “I Give Up

  1. Yikes. This was really scary.

  2. knittingthewind

    Ahahahahahaha. You got sucked in! I can only laugh because I was SO CLOSE to being sucked in also. Not at that particular site – I stay away from people I know are determined to misunderstand my perspective – but ooh my fingers were itching to post on that ridiculous Criss article. Ultimately I decided that would give it more credit than it deserved.

    But now I am in your combox when I should be sewing my dd’s dress, so …

  3. omg! That is so so so annoying! Please don’t go there anymore. Those people really don’t know what they are talking about.

  4. I have learned to avoid controversy so I admire your conviction to voice your opinions and debunk opinion versus research.

  5. it is interesting now and again. But it generally proves pointless. Sometimes the logic pursued in these discussions is just a litle unsettling. I wonder if people have actually thought about what they are saying…and if they actually believe that.

  6. And calling that particular piece of writing an “analysis” leads me to believe that the standards for judging an argument is this:

    anti-homeschooling = good research

    pro-homeschooling/neutral = right wing indoctrination

    I doubt it is possible to have a rational discussion with someone who thinks Ms. Kriss’ article was worth linking to as support of anything (except maybe the frightening state of her university’s school of ed who graduated someone that ineffective at writing!)

  7. adsoofmelk

    I’ve seen that Criss article referenced on a few blogs, and frankly, I really do not think it’s worth the time. Man, give us well-reasoned, well-written, well-researched, credible anti-homeschooling articles any day of the week and leave the ill-informed rants to the Ann Coulter types.

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