Relaxed Schooling

ETA: Is it just me or were those pictures tiny? Because I am totally overwhelemed with freelance work, I decided to take the time to go back and post larger photos.
A photo summary of our recent pasttimes, and recent purchases:

A parade (neighbor in front, Victoria in back, Violet’s litter in the middle, empty because she is taking the picture).


The surprisingly strong horse pulling the pageant along


Total Dog Heaven


Chin puppets!



Pouring and washing (we had been using containers of all different sizes along with the Kdg. Early Bird Math from Singapore)


Today’s haul:


I am most exited about 101 Words and how they began, which Violet is flipping through to get pumped up for our History of English, which I am still working on.

Violet was not that pumped about the Royal Diaries but I got them anyway, as I think she’ll like having them when we get to those figures in history. The Elizabeth I book is actually for Victoria, who insisted that we get it. She swears she wants to read it with me so . . . OK. We’ll be in the eighteenth century after the History of English break. We’re just closing in on the English Civil War right now. Which reminds me that I really want to get At the Sign of the Star, YA historical fiction about Restoration London, with a focus on the theater and women writers. Glancing at Amazon it looks like there is a sequel!!

I have not yet mentioned that I found a nice picture book for older kids to add to our History of English study: The Journey of English by Donna Brook and Jean Day Zallinger. It is basically a picture book version of the Penguin companion to the PBS series. The reviews are poor, but I like it for a very bare-bones summary of what we’ll be doing over 10 weeks.

ETA: The 101 Words and How the Began Book is from 1979 and is a somewhat limited edition. We got ours for $19, which struck me as quite pricey (to tell the truth I didn’t look at the price until we got home, because I was shopping on store credit!), but now that I’ve tried to find it online, I can see that it was fair for the market. Here’s an Ebay
link with a better shot of the cover, there are some Amazon shops, alibris, etc. purchase options.



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3 responses to “Relaxed Schooling

  1. I have read all three of those Royal diaries (well, I didn’t actually READ the Victoria one) and they were good (the one’s I actually read).

  2. Have you seen The Story of English narrated by Melvyn Bragg? I have never found it on DVD but saw it on TVO last year. It was very good. Is the PBS series you refer to available on DVD? We enjoyed the other and would be interested in knowing a bit more about your little study.

  3. Do you have a link or the 101 Words book?

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