First Rule of Homeschooling: Don’t Panic

I have been complaining a lot about how our homeschooling seems in the doldrums. I’ve been wondering about that great classical charter school so many former homeschoolers are sending their kids to. I’ve been wondering about trying our state’s online school — our district’s coordinator is supposed to be very homeschool friendly, and kids are placed according to ability in each subject. I’ve just been thinking that things aren’t going well.

Yet this weekend as we were driving around town, I was treated to a brief dissertation about how Aztec (or was it Incan?) babies had boards attached to their heads because the pointy-head shape was considered auspicious. I’ve seen Violet toting around history books for free-time reading, and heard Victoria use vocabulary I didn’t know she had on several occasions. Victoria, in fact, has been offering her reasoned explanations for various phenomena with increasing frequency, it is just plain a joy and a blessing to be someone who gets to hear them.

As we sat down on the sofa with our history book this morning, Violet said excitedly, “Oh, I can’t wait to study Asian history.” So we read about Japan.

Most strikingly, today I heard a series of words I did not think would ever appear together in a sentence in our home: “I love long division.” Our days of studying long division are long past us — long division is now just a means to a different end, a method of computation when solving a problem whose purpose is not the practice of long division. While simplifying ratios today, Violet happily said to herself “I love long division.” I couldn’t help myself — I interrupted, “Why?!” “Because it’s an easy way to figure out the answer.”

Oh, I think my children might be learning. And I think they might be enjoying it sometimes. Things might be going OK after all.

[Note to friends: I’ve been away this weekend, so I hope I haven’t missed anything big.]



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4 responses to “First Rule of Homeschooling: Don’t Panic

  1. knittingthewind

    So true! I might just make a banner of that and keep it over my desk! I’m glad you’re feeling more positive. 🙂

  2. They sounds like they are going great!

  3. How did I get here? I think I linked to a blog that linked me to a blog that linked me here. Don’t you love blurfing (that’s blog surfing and I think I just made it up. you heard it here first.)

    Anyway…I just loved your post. Esp the joy of your last paragraph. Doesn’t that just feel so doggone good!?

    I’ll look forward to reading more…

  4. LOL. Grace watched a film on Cosmeo the other day during which she discovered that there really is a place called “The Doldrums”. Boy, was that ever a knee-slapping moment! 😉 Giggles… on the floor…soooooo happy. 🙂
    One can view anything any way one wishes apparently!
    Outlook is everything:D
    Thanks for this post!

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