History Summary — Indigo India

[I quite enjoy this series based on Destiny — whose name changes a bit around the globe — as she time-travels through various events in world history. Is it history? Who can say?]

“Who dares to enter the room of World Seizer?” yelled the big dark man who was sitting on a large yellow cushion. “Your High-and-Mightiness,” replied the small girl Desni, “I have come to announce the birth of your son Jahar.” “Eh, I’ll go have a look, then,” said World Seizer, “And you go home.” Desni nodded and rushed out.


“Milkmaids and Cowherds,” said World Seizer, “Lords and Ladies, Shahs and Khans of all countries, I have an announcement to make!” The whole town square went quiet. For a while all was frozen with silence. Then World Seizer spoke. “The English may now trade safely with us!” The crowd applauded, then cheered too, then all was a mass of jumping and screaming with joy. Desni was among the crowd too, and she was the happiest of all. “And,” yelled the great Shah,”I have invited an English ambassador!” At this the crowd went wild. Scarves flew through the air, people danced and sung, and there was a great party throughout the day. Desni hid in the shadows and took from her dress a small gadget. She pushed a button and disappeared.

“Who dares to enter the room of Shah Jahar, King of the world!” “Your High-and-” Desni began, but Jahar cut her off. “You seem familiar, girl. I think you were at my birth ceremony?” “Perhaps,” replied the girl. “I have come to announce the birth of your sons Dara and Aurengzibe.”
“Goodness! I must go!” replied the Shah and left.

Years later…
“No! Noooo!” cried Shah Jahar. “Nooooo!” His wife had died and he was overcome with grief.

Desni was walking along. A girl stopped her and said, “I’m Lakshmi. I think I know you…Is your name Desni?” “Y…yes…” replied Desni. Lakshmi nodded. “Desni…and your surname?” “Urm…my surname? Starli.” “Ooh!” cried Lakshmi. “What is it?” said Desni. “The legendary girl Desni Starli! We’ve waited so long for you to return! Come, you must help on building the tomb for the Shah’s wife!” said Lakshmi excitedly. “Alright,” said Desni, “I will.”

20 years later…

“Oh Desni, I don’t know,” said Lakshmi, who was much older now, “Will we ever finish?” “Of course.” replied Desni. Lakshmi sighed. “I wish I was young again…” Desni jumped. “You what?” “You heard me,” replied Lakshmi. Desni smiled. She herself hadn’t gotten any older, but she said, “I can help.”

“Oh Desni, this is amazing!” cried the now twenty years younger Lakshmi. “I’m young again! How did you—” “With this,” said Desni, pulling out a metal disk with a button. “And I can finish the tomb, too,” replied Desni, pulling out a small machinelike thing and pressing a button. Instantly the tomb was finished. “Amazing!” cried Lakshmi and fainted.

A few years later…
Aurengzibe was filled with anger. “How dare Father said Dara is his favorite, and make him the heir!”

A few weeks later…
“Ha!” said Aurengzibe. “Dara has fled from my army! I am Conquerer of the World!”

Lakshmi was crying. “I don’t want you to go,” she sobbed, “Please stay!” Desni hugged her. “I don’t either,” she replied. “But I can promise you I’ll come back someday.” Lakshmi looked up at Desni. “Really?” she whispered. “Really.” Desni replied.

The wand flashed scarlet, there was a bang, and Desni Starli was gone.
The End


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  1. I love it.;)

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