It Never Hurts To Ask

Fridays are a happy day. There’s nowhere to go until 3pm, when Eggmaster and Victoria take Violet to piano, and maybe afterwards run an errand, while I work. And for the past few weeks, there’s nothing to do Friday night either — no rehearsal or performance to dash off to.

Today was especially relaxed, because I’m the midst of an unpleasant cold, which today was coupled with a major headache (stuffed sinuses?). Victoria and I agreed while I was still in bed that this would be a “take it easy day.”

To which Victoria added, “So don’t get angry today, because that’s not easy.”

Ouch! Well, OK.

There was a lot of mom lying on the sofa while the girls did lessons, drawing, scribbling, and Leapster as part of an elaborate pretend Office. Each kid had a work station; Violet put on her Gryffindor tie. Violet also made Victoria a set of business card to take to coop and hand out to her friends, complete with portrait, phone number, and “forged signature.”

Dozing and sipping tea, I asked Violet how she’d like to try some distance learning courses in English. She wonders what that would mean (obviously, not the same thing taking Chinese courses), so I mention that in some courses you read books and talk about them, and in others you learn about parts of speech, grammar, and language rules for better writing. At this second part — to my great astonishment — she lights up and says, “Oh yes! I’d love to!”

I confess I have totally skipped this aspect of language studies with her, because to me it is the height of tedium, and she has excellent grammar besides. I would never have guessed she would feel differently. So now, we look for something. (Maybe not online — I’m not sure I can stomach spending money on it!)

Violet finished up her day’s formal work (piano, music theory, math — ugh! our book is too hard!, Chinese, and writing) and went to play The Sims. She invited Victoria to come watch, but Victoria said, “No, I want to find my math workbook.” And before you know it she was climbing up on the couch with me and a pencil, practicing writing numbers, counting, adding, ordering, for page after page. All this after I had just been thinking, “Victoria doesn’t need to do any lessons today.”

It takes more patience than I sometimes have to move from prodding mom to responding mom. Luckily on a day like this, a day of benign neglect, it’s easy to see that the kids are ready to help steer the ship, if given the chance.



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5 responses to “It Never Hurts To Ask

  1. My feeling about grammar has always been that if a child is gleaning it organically from the reading he or she is doing, and that understanding shows in their writing work, there’s no need for direct instruction. My older son is definitely in this camp, and it sounds like Violet is as well. You probably skipped this part of language instruction because there was no visible need. She might find it really fun to learn grammar in a formal way, though. I wonder what Tim would think… Interesting.

  2. knittingthewind

    Get better soon!

  3. That must have felt good (except for the feeling sick part ;))

    It is gratifying when our kids take some charge of their own education, if only to show us that they like how things are going.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  4. Kit

    Try Michael Clay Thompson’s stuff from Royal Fireworks. The man is head over heels in love with language. He does distance classes through CTD if you qualify. I hear good things, but I’ve only used the materials he writes and heard him present.

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