We’re Back — again

Homeschooling really seems to put the travel bug in us. I was so busy prepping for this trip that I never mentioned we were going away, but now we’re home and ready to celebrate a snow-covered Easter. Violet was rather annoyed that we would have a snowy Easter (the notion that Lent means spring never sounds quite right in Minnesota), but I told her the world was wearing white vestments, just like Fr. would. (Need I say this was not at all poetic or wonderful to my children, who want a green Easter.)

I don’t know that I’ve ever mentioned that, just like Rocky Raccoon, I can call the Black Mining Hills of [South] Dakota home. (Why the Beatles added “mining” is a bit of a mystery. There is not all that much mining happening there.) I grew up there, and my mom and stepdad are there, and it is a great place to visit.

The girls were old enough that both of them could enjoy some sightseeing. We went to the wonderful Journey museum, which should not be missed by any who travel that way. It combines two geological/archeological museums, a Native American collection, and a pioneer collection into one place to tell a unified (but of course at times sad and complicated) story of the Black Hills. You start with rock formations and dinosaur skeletons and end with the frontier.

I can’t post all the photos Violet took of cave etchings, stone age tools, beaded toys and dolls, and the train seats, but here are the girls whooping it up:



We also went to Mount Rushmore: first time for Victoria, first time Violet could actually remember. Violet was intent on drawing it, but Victoria just loved running in the fresh air.



They also had a good game of pinecone hockey:


I had to work quite a bit on this trip, but I could not feel too bad about it. This was my desk:



Today we have eggs to boil, another manuscript to pop in the mail, and a lot of cleaning up to do. I’m determined to get out of the house today, though the snow is pouring down heavily right now. (Indeed, I have to stop at the library before I can ship my MS.) To all who are celebrating Easter this Sunday, have a wonderful weekend!



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3 responses to “We’re Back — again

  1. Wow. What a beautiful work spot. I hope the snow isn’t too bad. We’ve had a temperature drop so beautiful blue sky (and -12C).

    Have a happy Easter.

  2. That is a great photo of Violet drawing Mt. Rushmore. It looks like it was a wonderful trip.

    Mt. Rushmore is on our list.

  3. That sounds like a beautiful and fun trip! I would love to see Mount Rushmore some day. The view from your writing desk is so awesome I wonder how you got any writing done.

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