Mad Bi

Victoria is proving herself to be an autodidact, and it is so fun to watch, especially as she has been picking her own sweet path, so different from her sister’s.

We have started a new “game” where we all shut ourselves in my office during Violet’s Rosetta Stone time, and Violet is the pilot and lead flight attendant on our flight to China. Victoria is the royal princess who must be waited on. Me? I’m the assistant, of course. (More on how this evolved later.)

The princess Victoria’s current obsession is drawing, which she does contentedly on the mountains of scrap paper in my office (a side effect of having a home-based publishing business) for 40 minutes. This morning I was sorting through the massive pile of drawings and noticed an interesting inscription: “MAD BI [Victoria]” (Lucky for her, her actual name is much shorter!)

Get it? Mad Bi — Made by!

You need to understand that Victoria is a very very very beginning reader and has until recently been struggling with making letter shapes. She still mixes up some letters that look similar (in a pattern that makes me wonder about dyslexia, but everyone tells me I’m nuts and have a totally skewed view of how kids learn to read, so I won’t worry about it for now).

To see her independently and quietly start making words is such a joy! Go Victoria!



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3 responses to “Mad Bi

  1. Reminds me of Christopher Robin’s “Bizzy Bakson” 🙂

    That is great. And mixing up similar looking letters is not likely an issue. This is very cool.

  2. that is very cool 🙂

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