Learning Notes for an Early Spring Day


A performance of the James Sewell Ballet

Using the formula for the area of circles and squares to find the area of all manner of “shaded areas.”

Starfall reading games

Another “flight to China.” We have just started supplementing with Wendy Lin’s Practical Chinese, which has really re-ignited Violet’s interest in pronunciation, because it has some direct instruction in the tones, and in writing the characters.

Lots and lots and lots of drawing–Violet has always drawn constantly, but suddenly Victoria is going through reams of scratch paper!

An outing to an indoor soccer field — this could have been an outdoor day, but it’s still awfully muddy and damp. I am especially proud of Violet today. She has been having a conflict with a girl there. I don’t really know the details (this a nanny-chaperoned activity), but after a few weeks of problems, Violet decided on her own to write a note to the girl saying (according to Violet) “I don’t like it when you say insulting things to me.” An exchange of notes followed, and now the girls are friends! I can’t help but be a proud mama.

Violet has been working on her Canterbury Tales prologue, and we are enjoying the Great Vowel Shift. Here is some of her work. The video aspect has been especially engaging, as you might imagine.



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3 responses to “Learning Notes for an Early Spring Day

  1. patience

    It is so frustrating to me that I can’t get videos to work smoothly, they pause after every couple of seconds. So I didn’t get a clear appreciation of it. But from what I did hear her pronunciation seems great. And she’s such a showman! (I didn’t want to say showgirl ;-)) It must be fun living with her! She’s also really pretty, hey?

    Rose loved watching this.

  2. Okay I finally got some quiet time to watch V’s video.

    That was awesome! First of all she is SO cute! Secondly I am really really impressed with how fluidly she translated the prologue. And lastly I loved how she said that anonymous is hard to pronounce – very clever!

    Thanks for sharing that!

    p.s. Kudos for how she worked out the conflict.

  3. She is so darn cute!

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