A bit more on betwixt and between

I forgot to add that my thoughts on straddling different groups (should we call that having a wide stance? 😉 ) were also fostered by reading Elsie Deluxe’s post on homeschooling and professional teaching.

She has a helpful perspective on how the two are different, and why it’s unhelpful to mix them up.

I should also say — gee guys, thanks for all the super-nice posts on my little bit of sadness. It is very good indeed to know that others are in your boat, and even more that sometimes your ramblings are helpful to someone, somehow!

We’re having an informal day — Violet had another big asthma research appointment, in which were reminded that she is off-the-charts allergic to cats and has some other allergies besides, and is also highly sensitive to any tiny exposure in general. She’s been drawing like crazy and has been talking nonstop about animating some of her drawings today, in addition to seeing homeschool friends at the park, a faith formation group, and the arrival of — da da da DAH! — Grandparents!!

An interesting aside: when I suggested that maybe she could do a little reading of Midsummer Night’s Dream, she did a big dramatic, “Awww Mom!” A little later I asked her what that was about, since this was her choice of reading and birthday activity, and she said that she was “just joking around,” and that “all kids” act like they don’t like doing that kind of stuff. Hmm.


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  1. I found a beautiful edition of Midsummer Night’s Dream illustrated by Arthur Ransome a couple of years ago. I bet that would motivate 🙂

    But that trying out identities thing is kind of funny. I think the girly-girl/tomboy thing is probably akin to this.

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