A few favorites

Eggmaster’s attempt to get us a sitter and out for a movie (Harold and Kumar . . . *blush*) didn’t work out, so instead I am lazing around on the internets while he reads to Violet who is up way too late. (We had an *incident* involving many tears and much consternation, so though it is late we need some calming parent time.)

I’m going to try to rise to the challenges set by Patience and list some Good 10s. I don’t think I can do a Top 10, as my memory is so poor, but I will try my best.

10 Good Songs

1. As, by Stevie Wonder. Just everything you ever wanted in a song and more. If my life had a soundtrack this song would roll during a wonderful celebration near the end — not my funeral, but some happy time when my family and friends are all together and I am still alive with my wits about me.

2. Heart with No Companion, by Leonard Cohen. I heard this first in the Ron Sexsmith version, so that’s the one I love. Oh, it just fits me so perfectly sometimes. Perfect for all people who have come through a traumatic depression. “And I greet you from the other side of sorrow and despair / with a love so vast and shattered it will reach you everywhere.”

3. Cherry Cherry, by Neil Diamond. A total pop gem, if that doesn’t sound too Rolling Stone. Love it. Love Neil.

4. I’ll Be Your Mirror, Velvet Underground with Nico. “When you think that night has seen your mind, that deep inside you’re twisted and unkind, let me stand to show that you are blind. Please put down your hands, cause I see you.” Love it. I have been both people in this song. I just want to quote the whole thing for you. Maybe I will:

Ill be your mirror
Reflect who you are, in case you dont know
I’ll be the wind, the rain and the sunset
The light on your door to show that youre home

When you think the night has seen your mind
That inside youre twisted and unkind
Let me stand to show that you are blind
Please put down your hands
cause I see you

I find it hard to believe you dont know
The beauty that you are
But if you dont let me be your eyes
A hand in your darkness, so you wont be afraid

When you think the night has seen your mind
That inside youre twisted and unkind
Let me stand to show that you are blind
Please put down your hands
cause I see you

Ill be your mirror

5. September, Earth Wind and Fire. This song has lots of special personal meaning to me, but mainly now it reminds me of my best friend who goes by the online name of Rex Parker, when he made awesome mix tapes for dancing at the “after party” for my wedding. Yes, we had a wedding, a reception, and then later a party.

6. Sexy M.F./My Name is Prince. I think these can count as one, right? Love me some Prince. Prince lives in my town, you know? He may be weird, but musically he is the sh**.

7. Hey Ladies, The Beastie Boys. This is from the Paul’s Boutique album, one of the best albums ever, and the last vinyl I purchased before going to CDs full time.

8. Suspicious Minds, Elvis Presley. I have a history with Elvis that is just . . . waaayyy too long for me to get into now. But one thing I like about this song is that it reminds me of my dad. Though not as much as . . .

9. Won’t Get Fooled Again, The Who. Almost put Pinball Wizard here, but who can resist the awesome Daltry scream in this song?

10. Oh, so hard to choose just one more, OK, here’s a weird one. Nightshift, by the Commodores. A tribute song to Marvin Gaye and Jackie Wilson. A very personal favorite. Rolling Stone sez:

There are few things in pop more sure-fire than extolling the virtues of the dead, and it would be foolish to deny the extent to which that helps “Nightshift,” this album’s standout cut. But there’s more to it than mere necrophilia, for as much as the song plays on the references to Marvin Gaye and Jackie Wilson, it’s the easy confidence of the near-ethereal groove that ultimately sells it. If ever there was an accurate aural depiction of eternal rest, this is it.

10 Good Singers

1. Stevie Wonder
2. Marvin Gaye
3. Paul Simon
4. Prince
5. Al Green
6. Elvis Presley
7. Elvis Costello
8. Chrissie Hynde
9. Ron Sexmith
10. Mick Jagger

10 Good Books (9 novels and one nonfiction)

1. Bel Canto, Ann Patchett
2. 100 Years of Solitude, Gabriel Garcia Marquez
3. Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen
4. Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, Susanna Clarke
5. Stiff, Mary Roach
6. The Eyre Affair, Jasper Fforde
7. Don Quixote, Cervantes
8. Tristram Shandy, Laurence Sterne
9. Mrs. Dalloway, Virginia Woolf
10. The Sun Also Rises, Ernest Hemingway

I tried to spread the love around a bit — my apologies to my many book-friends not on the list. Memory is a capricious thing.



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6 responses to “A few favorites

  1. patience

    See I knew your book list would be a glorious thing! So interested to see Susanna Clarke there – I tried to read this book but it was too big for my small amount of time. I hope to have another go. Not surprised that you liked the Jasper Fforde, it was such a fabulous smart sassy book – although his others haven’t quite lived up to the potential, imo.

    Your music list illuminated so much about you 🙂 Thank you for sharing!!

  2. I love seeing both Price and Ron Sexsmith in there. Love them both.

    Interesting book list – don’t know some of them (Bel Canto). Loved Stiff! Have you ever read anything by Jeanette Winterson? Some of her earlier stuff is odd but good (The Passion, Sexing the Cherry).

  3. Wow, I lived reading your list. You seem like an even cooler person now.

  4. That’s too bad — it would probably be really cool to live that reading list. 😉

    Or maybe depressing, depending on the order and who you were.

    And see, this is why we can never meet in real life. I am so much cooler online. 🙂

  5. Aw, “September” reminds me of *you.* For obvious reasons.

    Happy belated birthday to your not-so-wee one.


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