Checked Out

I’m not anywhere fun, like Barcelona (!), I’m just sick. Bleah.

Just a cold, mom, don’t worry too much! But I need all the energy I have just to get through the day — none left for blogging.

What’s been happening Chez Nous?

— Planning meeting for a group of families that all have girls ages 9-10, in addition to siblings of all ages. We are trying to establish monthly get-togethers so that as the girls transition through puberty to adolescence they have a solid group of friends. I’ll say more about it another day. The other parents and kids are great — I am just a little unsure whether Violet will find it a good fit over the long term. No one else in her family is a great group person, but I hate to make assumptions about her.

— Continuing our history of English. We spent some time on the Plimoth Plantation site, which has audio of pilgrim speak. Violet also wrote a letter as if she were a pilgrim girl writing to a friend in England. She begins:

Pray pardon me if the parchment is burnt, I am writing by the hearth for the mouser has upturned a bowl of cold pottage upon my petticoat, and chilled me.

She also writes about watching the “Indians.”

— Gearing up for a month of performances. Victoria has a dance recital and a piano recital, while Violet has a play and two piano recitals. This involves many practices and dress rehearsals, which is somewhat exhausting for me. Reading Guiding the Gifted Child, I am assured that gifted kids often thrive on a full plate, and that apart from disruptions to the family so much activity is OK. Oh, and soccer starts in a couple of weeks, I think. Violet may have to give that one up, depending on how much it conflicts with her other committments, but Victoria will get to do hers, regardless.

— Lots of knitting. I’m going to be putting together Violet’s sweater coat as a long hippie vest, because I lost the sleeves. (It is just too painful to discuss further.) I might also complete the sleeves and add them later. I’m knitting some purple socks for myself in a nice chevron lace pattern — thanks Dawn and Ann Budd.

If I am not commenting on your blog, pray pardon me.

Fare thee well,



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3 responses to “Checked Out

  1. patience

    I’m sorry you are feeling ill. ((Hugs)) I hope you get better soon.

    We just read about the pilgrims today – a sidetrack from our reading about James I. We haven’t done anything at all interesting about it, apart from talking together … after reading this post I now feel guilty! I’m off to visit the site you mentioned and poor old Rose may just have to write pilgrim-style letters too, lol!

  2. I have been suffering the same; our whole household has. Rest up, and make a speedy recovery so you can bless us with more of your wit and wisdom!

  3. I am sorry you are sick. 😦

    I think the girls group is such an interesting idea! I’d love to hear more about your reasons for it.

    I love Violet’s first sentence. It’s brilliant!

    Z has a full plate right now too. She is doing piano/voice, ballet, theatre, Japanese, musical theatre and Sunday school.

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