Happy birthday baby!

Victoria recently turned five, though this weekend was the soonest we could actually schedule a party (that ended shortly before her first soccer practice — May gets crazy when the start of summer collides with all the end-of-spring stuff).

She wanted a pirate party, in part because she is a pirate in her dance recital, coming up this week. (All the littles are doing different parts of Peter Pan, and she is in the pirate group. Very cool. “Never Smile At a Crocodile” is their song.)

She insisted on a surprise party, too, though she made the guest list, distributed invitations, and chose the cake. We also had to tell her the day because every day after her birthday she was dramatically sad about how her friends had not come for her birthday. So basically a surprise party is when a party starts by people jumping out and yelling “surprise!” at you.

She looks so big to me in this picture.


We started by making treasure chests from old wooden cigar boxes.


Then they had a treasure hunt where they found lots of pirate-related stuff, both to wear and to put in their treasure chests.


Pretty much everyone agreed that the eyepatches were hard to wear for long. Thanks goodness no one wore them for whacking the piñata. Victoria looks gorgeous and fiercely determined to me in this picture.


And then, the cake . . .


It’s a cotton candy ice cream cake. Do you think she had a good time?




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5 responses to “Happy birthday baby!

  1. patience

    Happy birthday to Victoria!!!! What a great looking party!

  2. Angela, MotherCrone

    Oh, I love tht first photo! Surprise party indeed! Happy Birthday dear!

  3. Happy Birthday! And that looks like a fab party. I am awed by the craft activities. I think we did a (lower key) pirate party for Tigger once. I made a cake that looked like a ship (you bake it in a loaf tin and then carve it into a boat shape; use skewers for masts and make paper sails).

  4. She is very cute and she looks so happy! That is funny about the “surprise”. Happy Birthday to her.

  5. Happy Birthday Victoria!

    She is looking big!

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