More Pirates!

Tonight is the last night of Victoria’s dance recital. It is quite an elaborate affair, involving hundreds of students. I had my doubts, but most of the kids are thrilled to be part of something that is so obviously a *big deal,* in a big theater, with fancy costumes, makeup, etc. The studio has classes from age 3-professional, so the littles get to see some very fancy dancers indeed.

Here is Pirate Victoria’s fancy makeup job, basically designed to ensure that the girls’ faces are not white blurs onstage. Her eyes look very green.


Here’s the full effect — the pose is not part of her dance, just one of her own making:


This little girl saw a camera and just knew she was supposed to get in the frame, so she sidled on up. She’s in the youngest group, a little shepherdess.


Victoria was quick to notice the gifts the other dancers were getting, so for her second night, when I was in the audience, I quickly picked up this little flower/teddy arrangement.


I looked at it more closely this morning — what kind of a bear wears a black “leather” motorcycle hat with chains on it and a black feather boa? The answer was obvious to Violet, who had the bear dancing around saying “I’m a Diva!” I think this little guy got lost on his way to the leather bar. Ah well, it just adds to his charm.




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4 responses to “More Pirates!

  1. patience

    Congratulations to Victoria on her show. She looks just darling. The bear is a bit raunchy but of course kids wouldnt realise that, hopefully! My own girl misses doing shows, I think that was the main reason she wanted piano lessons – because they had a mid-year concert!

  2. She looks so cute! I’m glad the performance went well.
    The bear is funny/ *grin*

  3. My first thought was “That bear looks like a gay biker boy!” but I agree, this terrible terrible thought would be lost on my daughter as well; she would clutch it to her heart thinking he looked just adorable. (I think I watched “YMCA” one too many times)

    And just how WAS the show? Fun? Thrilling? I love the costumes.

  4. O man, the bear, the Bear! I just laughed so hard.


    PS please read my Sunday, Jun 8 puzzle write-up, as there is a little secret shout-out to you and EM.

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