I may have to change this blog’s name to Adorable Five-Year-Old. Yet there are more photos, plus some video that is really For Grandparents Only, though you are welcome to see them (obviously). The quality of the footage is not that hot.

As I corralled Victoria for some pre-recital photos, she exclaimed, “Oh, thank you mom! That’s just what I’ve wanted! More attention!”

Oh my . . .

In any case, this is Victoria’s second piano recital, and she did quite well. We’ve had both Violet and Victoria do Children’s Yamaha, and while the quality of the teachers can vary, I’ve been very pleased. They make surprising progress at note reading, rhythm, ear training, and solfege early on, which means that the piano lessons readily transfer to other instruments. They also sing a lot. I know some “serious” music families consider group lessons a little low class, but I think they were a great start for both girls.

And now, check out this kid!

This was a pose she apparently thought would be fetching . . .


This photo turned out fuzzy, as the camera chose to focus on the mini-lilacs, but I still like it because she looks like her Cousin M a bit.


And this one . . . oh . . .


And she looks very sweet with some of the girls in her class.


Lastly, the grainy, fuzzy video . . .



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4 responses to “Heartbreaker

  1. patience

    Oooh so adorable.

  2. Great photos. She looks so cute in her dress.

    The video is darling. I especially enjoyed the way she returned to her seat; she looked so dignified.

  3. Violet did a great job! The song was very pretty. And she looked super pretty in her dress. I think you make good kids. 🙂

  4. errr… I meant Victoria of course. *shaking head at self*

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