Planning is essential

. . . but plans are useless.

I believe that’s an Eisenhower quote.

That’s where we are right now. My plans for the “end of the year” — pre summer camp season — are pretty much in a shambles, and I am trying to cope gracefully.

I’ve not been well — slow recovery from respiratory virus, looking at thyroid issues — nor did my plans take into account the insanity of May concerts, recitals, parties, etc. We found out last night that Victoria’s piano recital is . . . Today!!

So I’m trying really hard to let go of where I thought Violet should get with her Chinese before camp. I’m letting our History of English study become more occasional rather than several times a week. I’ve set the King Arthur’s Academy writing stuff aside all together. Ditto any geography.

What are we doing?

Math we are still soldiering on with, a little bit every day — well, most days. 🙂 We try to look at Word Within the Word at least once or twice a week to keep it fresh in our minds.

Violet had a science project to finish — a book about “cave men,” her choice for an organism within a particular part of prehistory.

We’ve had a nice chat about the upcoming Mars landing and why not having an air cushion on the spacecraft would be a significant development. Violet spent some time looking at the Mars Phoenix mission site — Harry Potter fans will be pleased to know that the photo gallery has the URL “fawkes4”. The kids section also has a fun game where you figure out what to take on your mission.

Oh, and Victoria is blowing me away with her increasing word-recognition. She is now in the habit of speaking words she recognizes, so that during the course of the day she might say, “Trail Mix,” “Welcome to Caribou Coffee” (The “Caribou Coffee” part is old hat, “Welcome” is new), “joke,” and “mice” as she glimpses those words in the words all around her. It is really fun to see her reading whole words rather than laboriously sounding them out — part of me wishes we had never introduced this concept, but she really seemed to enjoy it!

She and I have also talked about even numbers — she can’t tell off the top of her head yet, but she gets the concept. We had been working our way very irregularly through the Singapore KG books, and I could see she was getting *really* tired of counting the number of items in a picture and writing it in the box. How many times can you do that without starting to wonder why you’re doing it? “I get it — 5 bunnies, write a 5. We’re good here.” I opened the book randomly to a section in the back and we began sorting fake jewels left over from the pirate party into groups of two instead. Much better.

Today the girls worked on goodbye cards for the nanny. She seemed unfazed, but I was nearly crying as I watched Victoria laboriously writing “Good Bye Sara. Hav a Good Time.” On one part she drew a picture of a little girl with tears on her cheeks. 😦

For the rest of the week, we have an end-of-the-year picnic for co-op and some music workshops to attend — got those tickets in late August and pretty much forgot about them! Then Saturday night is the big Minnesota Music Teachers Association honors concert — let’s hope that youngest age group can keep their duet together all the way through!

Oh, and Violet has started her private ice skating lessons! She really wanted to try them, and I think it’s a good idea, not because she’s a very advanced skater, but because she’s not where she’d like to be, and a little individual attention will likely go a long way. I may choose to skip the summer group lessons and keep the private lessons going through the summer — taking lessons missed because of vacation into account, I don’t think it will be a much greater expense.

That’s a glimpse the things that have happened while I was busy making other plans.



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3 responses to “Planning is essential

  1. Wow. You are busy! I realized this morning that I have been really busy for at least five weeks. This is the first week I have an open schedule. And guess what? I have pretty much _nothing_ planned for Z for over the summer. I just couldn’t face it.

    Sorry about losing your nanny. That must be sad.

  2. patience

    I’m amazed. Even when you cut things out you are still way busier than we could ever be! And the sort of lessons Violet does – I’m so impressed. I wish you could come and be a homeschool consultant for me!

  3. It seems like lots of folks get this busy in May. I’m not even sure you can plan for it. Lots of things wrapping up means lots of recitals and related. Hope you get through it okay. The virus and thyroid can’t be helping.

    we don’t seem to have the same kinds of lessons as others so I don’t have that madness. Thank goodness since my work is mad in May. I’m actually feeling like Tigger is wandering aimlessly a bit and am going to get her going on a couple of things through June. She’s got Shakespeare camp in July but there are 5 weeks before that starts.

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