The Flickr meme


1. first name: Shaun
2. favourite food: peaches
3. high school: Stevens
4. favourite colour: purple
5. celebrity crush: currently — Jemaine Clement
6. favourite drink: current — The Tucci, a cocktail we sort of made up and named after Stanley Tucci
7. dream vacation: London Museum Frenzy
8. favorite dessert: creme brulee
9. What I want to be when I grow up: a writer, at least, that’s the answer I’ve given since I was 5. Is it time to re-examine?
10. What I love most in the world: my family
11. One word that describes me: abundant
12. My flickr name: Shaunms — but my photos wouldn’t work in the mosaic, so I chose a mystery term and got a very cool photo

1. shaun, 2. Dive on in… life’s peachy!, 3. Conan O’Brien and E.T, 4. Just a Orchid, 5. FOTC 8, 6. TIBETAN THANGKA (detail), 7. National History Museum, 8. 57/366, 9. Day 106 – I am a librarian, 10. Andalusia Landscapes 2, 11. Untitled, 12. MAPLE FIREBALL: You Warm My Soul



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2 responses to “The Flickr meme

  1. That is cool. I have had that lamb for years.

  2. That is so cool! I hope I can find time to do it.

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