One last recital

Yes, that’s right, we had one more recital this weekend. Let’s review the last three weeks, shall we?

— rehearsal and photos for MMTA recital
— Victoria’s birthday party
— Victoria’s first soccer practice/game (they do both in one hour session for the 5 and under group)
— Victoria’s dance recital: one night of dress rehearsal and three nights of performance
— Violet’s cabaret: one vocal rehearsal, two dress rehearsals, two nights and one afternoon of performance
— Victoria’s piano recital
— end of year co-op picnic
— MMTA honors concert
— Victoria’s second soccer practice/game
— Violet’s first soccer practice — yay, a huge success, more later
— Violet’s first soccer game — they won! They have an awesome goalie.
— First meeting of the Girls Group (also known as the Adventurers, more later)
— Violet’s piano studio recital

Throw in a few doctor appointments and haircuts, a smidge of math and Chinese, and that is a full 3 weeks! And two of them without a sitter!

And now, the photos:


Note: the photos at the piano were taken during a warm-up, not during the performance


The song: a Beethoven sonatina in 2 movements:





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3 responses to “One last recital

  1. patience

    Wow, busy! I hope you are feeling better. Violet looks so grown-up (I think I said that last time too?) and I love her hair – she looks like a French Underground agent from the war or something. Very cool.

  2. I love their outfits. They look so cute together! That was a busy 3 weeks.

  3. Wow! That was all loaded up at once wasn’t it? You have two beautiful talented girls!

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