Five Things for Patience

For Patience, because I always love reading her little biographical snippets and feel I should respond in kind:

What were you doing five years ago?
Walking the floor with an infant who would never sleep, who would not be put down, who needed to be held and rocked and talked to incessantly. That would be my beautiful baby Victoria, of course. Both my girls are intense, but Victoria was *really* intense as an infant. The kind of intense that got me using a nanny because there were *no* nap times to get a break, got us in the Spirited Child books, and nearly pushed us over the edge for the first 18 months. Here we are freshly home from the hospital.


What are five things on your To Do List for today?
1. Go to church
2. Take the girls to soccer
3. Go out to dinner between soccer practices
4. Plan meals for the next week
5. Watch Bringing Up Baby

What are five snacks you enjoy
1. Peaches
2. Sugar Snap Peas
3. Chewy, chocolate-y granola bars (e.g., candy bars masquerading as snacks)
4. Popcorn
5. Apples with peanut butter

What are five things you would do if you were a billionaire? [This was a tough one . . . after the first two I really couldn’t think of anything that was really specific.]
1. Establish an artists’ colony so our creative friends could come write or whatever at minimal costs while our kids played together and we ate lovely communal meals and brought in yoga teacher a few days a week and sang songs around a bonfire at night. Preferably in northern Minnesota or Michigan, on the water.
2. Fund the reconstruction of my parish buildings.
3. Spend long vacations in Mexico, India, and the UK. And other places too, now and then.
4. Hire a *fantastic* financial advisor/accountant/tax preparer.
5. Throw big birthday parties for my parents, with The Rolling Stones at my mom’s party and The Who for my dad. Or at least buy their way backstage at a show.

What are five of your bad habits?
1. Leaving half-filled cups around the house
2. Forgetting my cell phone
3. Spending way too much time online
4. Not returning phone calls and e-mails (though often I just ignore the phone completely)
5. Not opening my mail — I guess I really must be communicated with on my own terms, infrequently

Where are five places you have lived?
1. South Dakota
2. Massachusetts
3. New York
4. Michigan
5. Minnesota

What are five jobs you’ve had?
1. Hotel maid
2. Burger flipper
3. College teacher
4. Copy editor
5. Ear piercer



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7 responses to “Five Things for Patience

  1. patience

    I love your lists. I especially love the idea of an artists’ colony – it makes me shiver all over with delight at the very thought of it!

    Great photo. I thought my toddler was beautiful, but oh my goodness Violet is gorgeous! Those eyes!

  2. Mmmm, sugar snap peas!!
    Great list!

  3. What you wrote about Victoria describes my life with Si. I’ve been encouraged to consider a nanny because Si is so very intense but I’ve resisted. I resist mostly because I do not work. I used to loathe women who didn’t work but also had a nanny. Now I find myself considering it.

    It is good to read that someone else felt pushed to the edge. There are days when I think “I could just jump in front of that bus and end it all” (that’s not a plea for help, I realize how silly that would be.) I just don’t see an end to all the crying and fussing and the lack of understanding.

    I’m really bad about returning emails and I also just don’t answer the phone. I actually got rid of voice mail mostly because my MIL left annoying redundant messages. 😉 It has been quite liberating.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Michigan, baby!

    OK, look, if you can get several people in on the deal, we can start setting aside money for said artists’ colony, so that it can be a reality before we are old / dead. Kids will be in college by the time we’re 50, so that seems a good target goal. What is that … 2020? Artists’ Colony by 2020. We can even call it “2020.” It’s all coming together …

    And since it seems obligatory to talk about one’s kid in your comments section, let me just say, uh … let’s see … I started having my local comic book shop hold Sahra’s Archie digests for her (the way they hold my comics for me, in slot #9, behind the counter) … and the next time we went to the shop she had FOUR digest-sized comics waiting for her. And her mine was blown. She was sort of like those ladies you see on Oprah when she does her “Favorite Things” show. You know what I’m talking about. Insane. Archie is a bit like crack for her. Actually, it’s her TV. Her gaze often has to be physically removed from the books just so we know she can actually hear us…

  5. Her MIND was blown. She does not (yet) own a MINE. But I’ve got my fingers crossed…

  6. Ooh, that was fun. I like reading about other people’s Lottery Win lists. I have the same ambiguous relationship with telephones and returning email as you. My mother gave me a cell phone a while back but I hate answering it, especially if I know who’s calling.

    My daughter was an intense baby too, but it took me until just recently to realize WHY she was so intense. Wish I’d cottoned on sooner.

  7. northshoretriangle

    I love Bringing Up Baby. I hope you got to see it.

    The rest of you list is so interesting, the jobs, the places yo have lived, the lottery winnings. Very cool.

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