Nickelodeon Universe

We had to accompany Eggmaster to the mall for reasons I cannot explain here, but as the girls were patient and well behaved we let them ride a few rides at Nickelodeon Universe, formerly Camp Snoopy, the theme park in the middle of the Mall of America.

The MOA is an attraction of sorts, but for those of us who live near it, it is just another mall option, and the only one in the state with a Nordstroms, so it is like any other shopping trip really. Except for a giant theme park in the middle that calls to your children. And Nordstroms is worth it. Someday I want to write a blog post about why I will pay extra for great service and a pleasant shopping experience — stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls make me sad and exhausted for the rest of the day. As a self-employed person I am always thinking about how best to exchange time for money, and vice versa. Turns out time is worth quite a lot.

We hadn’t seen the update to Nickelodeon, which in the main involved replacing statues of Snoopy with statues of Swiper, replacing the giant bouncy Snoopy with a giant pineapple house, and renaming rides like “The Kite-Eating Tree,” which is now the Backyardigans something-or-other. (It’s that ride where you sit on swings and spin around.)

The girls are fans of the old balloon ride, which is markedly unchanged and old looking. They should have called it the “We Ran Out of Characters” Balloon Ride.


And here is Swiper himself


And a blurry shot of the girls whipping around the corner. Yes, this is the same day as the recital photos. Violet’s necklace, by the way, is one she made herself.


Today the girls played while I did some co-op stuff with other moms, and I am desperately trying to work up the energy to get on with our afternoon while they finish lunch. I feel like I could go back to bed!



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3 responses to “Nickelodeon Universe

  1. patience

    wow, so much fun!

  2. Wow, that is a colorful place! I couldn’t believe all the indoor stuff in that area and the walkways when we visited that area. I guess because it is bitter cold much of the year.

    Amazingly there are very few indoor activities here considering the weather for two to three months of the year, but so far June has been mild except for yesterday.

  3. northshoretriangle

    I’m sad. I like Snoopy and Charlie Brown so much better than Dora. 😦

    Well it looks like the kids had a good time anyway.

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