Going Nowhere

And I love it!

Today, I took the kids nowhere. We did not go to a playgroup, or to a store. We had no out-of-house lessons to attend. No games. I had an appt. early in the morning, and then that was it. We stayed home, all day.

Violet was really into the idea of a word bank, such as Victoria has for any words she knows on sight, so she has started one for Chinese and worked on it unprompted shortly after breakfast. She has been enjoying her dictionary, and is hoping to use it while writing a skit for her cabin at camp. This spurred Victoria to add several words, many in her own writing, to her own word bank. She is a little reading machine now, peppering our drives around town with “Keep Left” and “Exit,” and reading big chunks of Dr. Seuss and other books.

Violet finished her math review — we are Done with Singapore Primary Mathematics! She worked through 2B to 6B in just over 2 years (most of that in the 1st year, and we skipped *a lot* of 4A/B), and now we’re ready to take a more selective approach for a while. (Though today, when I again mentioned the plan to do some review before moving on, she said, “I think I’m ready for algebra.” So who knows what we’ll actually be doing by October.)

Meanwhile I started a puzzle with Victoria, who finished it by herself when I got distracted.

Then I kicked the kids outside — seriously, I insisted that they stay outside for a while as I was trying to get some cleaning done in my office.

After lunch, Violet did a lesson on Rosetta Stone while Victoria drew and I sorted old bills and paperwork into my filing cabinet. Violet got to work on her stories and Victoria got a little computer time as I did some light cleaning, ate some cherries while looking at a cookbook, and even lay on the sofa for a few minutes!

Then I sent them off to play as I started “working” (which I am about to do).

What a lovely pace. What a civilized life. Bring on the summer!



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3 responses to “Going Nowhere

  1. Doing the Challenge Math might work as a review with a problem focus and has a bit of algebra, trigonometry, and even calculus to keep the keen interested. The way that recent discussions on the Living Math Forum have been going it seems to be about exactly right for where you are — a good in between before starting more conceptually challenging stuff in depth.

    I’m thinking about doing a bunch of the contests at the back as reviews.

  2. patience

    Sounds like a great day! Its amazing how productive a big chunk of at-home time can be.

  3. I hear you! We had one stay at home day this week too. It is nice!

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