PeeWee Soccer Extravaganza

For Father’s Day we watched soccer practices and games, our standard Sunday fare until the end of July.

Victoria has really come around. Her first two practices, she was very frustrated and cried frequently, though she still wanted to keep going. Now she is running around and really enjoying herself, without any of the tears. Still, she gets frustrated, as some of the photos demonstrate. The classic Victoria eyebrow furrow, present since birth, is in full effect.

IMG_1392 IMG_1346 IMG_1375

The photo of her with her arms out is her complaining to a coach about someone barging in front of her. But she does it all with a good attitude, and she gets right in there after the ball. I am really happy for her and proud of her for turning her frustration into positive efforts.

IMG_1408 IMG_1409 IMG_1416

Violet took nearly all of these photos, using a very extreme zoom that I’m not sure our little Canon PowerShot was ready for. At one point as Victoria ran past us she turned to shout, “Make sure to cheer for me!” Which, of course, we already were. “Go White!”




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3 responses to “PeeWee Soccer Extravaganza

  1. She looks so tough! “Go White!”

  2. adsoofmelk

    What a toughie! I love the determination.

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