Blast from the Past: Last year at Sen Lin Hu

Do I miss Violet? Oh yes I do. I’ve been looking at last year’s photos from Sen Lin Hu to try to picture her at camp again this year. I also updated the photos in the post I wrote last year. (Previously they weren’t visible, because I switched the photos to private. I was uncomfortable with the searches that were leading to my blog photos. Going private fixed that — though anyone can contact me if they want to be a flickr friend.)

Here’s last year’s post. I was tempted to delete my comment about the staffer who really liked V., but hey, it’s a chance for me to recall that my natural delight in hearing good things about my kids can come off too much like . . . boasting, I guess. I don’t know . . . don’t you think your kids are incredibly, fabulously special? At least when they are not being incredibly, fabulously naughty, stubborn, obtuse, or otherwise irritating? I hope so. I’m sure they are.

Anyway, a little walk down memory lane for a slightly sad mama in a quieter, emptier house:

Just a few pictures to post about Violet’s week at camp. She had a great time and is dying to go back for 2 weeks next year! The staff:camper ratio is amazing — these kids are very well taken care of. Every member of the staff seems to take a very personal interest in the villagers. (We were especially delighted by a woman — not sure what her position was — who told us V. was “very clever . . . very special.”)

Many of the staff live in China during the year — several were English professors at Chinese universities, one man is a professional musician. US college students also come to work as counselors.

Violet was despondent when we came to pick her up. She cried and cried as we drove away, although she cheered up as we drove home and talked about seeing little sister, swimming, etc. The girls really missed each other.

Violet has her own photos from disposable cameras, and once I get those we’ll try to post more info for those who are curious.

Parents Program: Dancing to Chinese Pop music

With her usual teacher (a student at Mills College)

Folding Paper Cranes with the lead art teacher

Painting from Calligraphy time — I believe that is her Chinese name written up top: Lin Luo Lan.

Can’t Stand to Leave


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  1. I am glad you wrote that someone thought Violet was real special.

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