What Can’t You Give Away on Craig’s List

I’ve been trying to declutter and straighten up in preparation for our India-going friends to stay with us a few days. My experience with Craigs List is that you can put out *anything* for free and it will go in a matter of hours, if not minutes.

Most recently, I put out a box of wire hangers, which were rapidly snatched up, and I got e-mails later asking if I still had them. I’ve gotten rid of kitchen utensils, ancient Martha Stewart magazines, and a random box of household “stuff.”

But my old Nordic Track cross-country ski machine, still totally functional, sits on the boulevard, unloved, unwanted, even by the scavengers who pick up the freebies and sell them at their own garage sales.

You can get people to come pick up your wire hangers, but not exercise equipment that would cost $100s of dollars. Go figure. Does everyone in the Twin Cities have unused home gym stuff at this point?



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5 responses to “What Can’t You Give Away on Craig’s List

  1. Try putting at the curb with a sign saying $20, please put payment in the mailbox. Maybe someone will steal it.

  2. shaun

    OMG, I am totally doing that tonight after dinner! Is it wrong to manipulate the inner thief in an otherwise innocent person? Is it wrong to encourage urban crime in order to get rid of my Nordic Track?

  3. I dropped wire hangers off with my dry cleaning on Saturday and the owner said “thank you, we really need these.” I was surprised. I can’t imagine not returning them to the drycleaner. Perhaps it was a dry cleaner who picked them up.

    I got rid of all our moving boxes using Craig’s List.

  4. I took them to the dry cleaners first and they said no! I must say, the dry cleaners nearest my house is in the running for World’s Worst. I could tell so many stories . . .

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