Sister Fest

After saying I never tidied, I spent a long time yesterday tidying the girls’ room for Violet’s return. I thought after 2 weeks in a rustic camp setting, a clean bedroom would seem pretty awesome.

I actually enjoyed cleaning up in their room — I don’t do it much, because I want them to pick up their own stuff, which they do sporadically. They just have a room full of fun stuff that expresses their personalities. Here, a little collection of sister photos and bedroom photos over the past few years, captions below photos

sister play spot pirate bed

American Girls play spot and sister plaque; Pirate bed decorated with leftovers from Victoria’s party

girls bookcase Hogwarts banner

The bookcase is more a toy bookcase than a book bookcase, more bookcases are on the other side of the bunk. And where do the children really wish they were sleeping?

sister pumpkins turkey legs

Aren’t they sweet? That’s a trip to a pumpkin patch coming up on 3 years ago, and a trip to the fair from who knows when. If I could add sound you’d hear the “Turkey Leg!” family cry.

sister bath 06wargosisters

I think these are 1-2 years ago.

bunk decor monkey bunk

The view in Violet’s bunk: crucifix, Tinkerbell, old “still life”, Shakespeare banners from birthday party. I am not a crucifix person; having grown up thinking Catholicism was exotic and mysterious, I am not drawn to crucifixes. This one, however, was purchased at Violet’s request and hung exactly where she asked. And that little monkey is from Sen Lin Hu last year.

IMG_1462 IMG_1466

Finally I’ve gotten corkboards for the assorted pins, ribbons, stickers, certificates, etc. that are handed out willy-nilly to children these days. And I had to show you the decapitated Puddle Duck. I think she’s been that way for something like 4 years. I haven’t tried to glue it, but I can’t consider getting rid of it. Beatrix Potter was such a part of the girls’ infancy and toddlerhood, and these little figurines are like having those characters around — for me. I’m sure the girls don’t even notice them anymore. If I could get some similar Frog and Toad figures I would put them on my own dresser.
P1010050_2 minniegirls

Hurrah! The girls will be reunited tomorrow, and our family will be back to normal!



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4 responses to “Sister Fest

  1. I’m glad you are getting your girl back tomorrow. đŸ™‚

  2. Such lovely photos!! Have a wonderful day tomorrow, I’m sure you will!

  3. Cute room with lots of personality.

    It is so neat that they share a room! I remember staying up whispering we my sisters.

    Have a great reunion.

  4. Angela, MotherCrone

    Every year when my children go to camp or whatnot, I find myself doing the same thing. Painting, reorganizing and cleaning. I find they love coming home to a changed “haven”, while I thrill in the doing of it! Enjoy your reunion!

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