Home Again

We had a fun trip up to Bemidji and Sen Lin Hu. If you ever need to go to the Bemidji area, I can recommend the Hampton Inn on Lake Bemidji as a really nice place to stay with a great pool for young children, especially young children who may feel cheated out of fun experiences that older siblings are having.

Violet greeted me — after we discovered her in the Shanghai cabin — by saying “I danced with a boy last night.” (They have a dance the last night.) She’s writing a bit about camp on her own blog, so I guess if she wants to say more on that subject, you can find it there. (But I doubt it.)

A few poor quality photos and pictures from the closing program — for relatives and Sen Lin Hu’ers.

The pink group (fen hong se de xiao zu) saying what they like. Violet likes candy (she’s the one in the pink and orange Hanna playdress and bike shorts):

This is part of a little song about the Zhong Guo Tong, which as I understand it is something you get if you manage to avoid speaking English all day. Violet tells me she tried but it was really hard.

You may notice that the girl standing next to Violet can’t stop scratching. The kids were covered in mosquito bites! Violet had used up her whole can of spray, but she still had some wipes left. She actually looked pretty good compared to some other campers. (She clearly needed to be using her a albuterol inhaler a lot more than she was — she sounded awful!)

lin luo lan

Unlike last year, Violet seemed pretty pleased to see us, though she hugged her counselors and friends ferociously as she said goodbye. (Also note the classic big sister strangle hold on Victoria.) This is one of her cabin counselors, Tong Tong.

camper and counselor

This morning the girls played in their room for a long time and had to be dragged away to eat a late breakfast. As I escaped for a little personal time I left Violet reading to Victoria — got some good book ideas from Nina,
as always.



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2 responses to “Home Again

  1. It must be lovely to have her back. I’m glad she had a great time!!

  2. That is so awesome! It is a Concordia camp?

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