The Big News

NO — although it seems to be contagious right now in blogland, I am not having another baby. Whew!

Our big family news is that the last wayward member of our family of 4 is about to come home. Meaning, DH/Eggmaster has his last day of his out-of-the-house job tomorrow. And from then on, he’s working from home!

You may not be surprised that my homeschooling friends are envious — except the ones who have already managed all family members at home — while my other friends wonder how we will survive. I wonder that a little too, of course, but mainly I think it will be great.

This is part of how we’ll manage the no-nanny arrangement. Eggmaster will have to work from home, not just be home, but the girls can certainly handle themselves with an adult standing by for emergencies. Eggmaster has said that he’d like to work with the girls on math and science during his lunch break (he’ll keep fairly conventional hours, at least to start), which should be nice for all. Violet has been peeking into her new Challenge Math book since getting back from camp, and she is looking forward to doing calculus with dad, who is a big calculus fan. (Victoria would have been named Isaac, after Isaac Newton.) Challenge Math has a nice intro to graphing equations too!

[A side note: I want to cover radicals and negative numbers in greater depth during the next year — fall 2009 I’m thinking we may try Art of Problem Solving algebra, and that’s what she needs to work on first. A lot of slightly older kids go right from Singapore 6 into AOPS, but Violet needs more time. What resources have you got for me?]

But that’s not this week — this week Eggmaster gets a few days off before heading off to get oriented at the new place (and then returning to telecommute), and we have friends from India staying with us a few days. Violet still seems worn out from camp, too, though she is dying to start lessons on Chinese Pod. That may have to wait until next week too.

If, next week, you don’t hear from us, either we are in a state of total bliss or we have gone insane from the closeness.



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5 responses to “The Big News

  1. adsoofmelk

    I’ve been scared of the Art of Problem Solving. Is it good???

  2. The local math-curriculum expert in these parts–and I don’t mean my husband, but a person active in the local gifted community — is a big fan, and I know he knows what he’s talking about. I do have worries about using it with a non-mathlete. AOPS is big with kids who do math competitions.

    My guess is that we will do the algebra book in at least 150% of the time it takes most kids, maybe 2x as long. But that’s OK — even the gifted kids don’t usually come at it until they’re 11 or 12. I like the emphasis on problem solving, and I like using a curriculum oriented toward gifted kids. My sense is that we can abandon speed (i.e., racing through traditional curriculum levels and topics) and substitute depth.

    I wrote to AOPS about whether or not to try algebra this year, and they wrote a helpful response, suggesting a different place to start (basically what we were planning, playing around with math for a while, working on problem solving skills) and saying that 9 is just plain young for algebra — not starting playing around with algebra, which we did a couple of years ago, but really doing a sustained course. It takes a certain level of maturity — I have heard this repeatedly, from parents of gifted students who are not hesitant to introduce advanced work.

  3. adsoofmelk

    Thanks — interesting feedback on that. I appreciate it, especially since I’m really not a math-y person.

  4. Yay for you!

    We loved having Pere at home.

  5. That sounds great. Technically my husband works from home, but he hasn’t been around too much for a few months because his work involves travel. He introduces new math concepts and science experiments and will teach Algebra. This past year we did problem solving and review. I don’t expect my daughter to do it fast either, and plan to continue problem solving, but we never know with her. She doesn’t think like me (thank goodness) when it comes to math.

    Are you going to do Calculus first? The funny thing is that I have always thought Calculus easier than Algebra. I passed Algebra, but really was always asking (strange) questions, but I had no problems with college Calculus courses (As). In fact I thought it made Algebra make sense and didn’t feel it was absolutely necessary to take one before the other, but I am NOT a mathematically minded person.

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