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welcome to sen lin hu

A few more photos and a little more follow up.

To answer Cher Mere’s question from the comments, yes it is a Concordia camp. I can tell that Violet made a big jump in speaking and listening ability after 2 weeks. I am excited for her, and also excited because I think I may have sweet talked an old friend (and zhongguo tong) into talking to her on the phone periodically to help her keep her conversational abilities going. (Plus then I have yet another family member helping me keep in touch with my friend.)

An interesting thing about the camp experience was that Violet was very aware that at 9 she was a little kid. The one-week camps had a lot of younger kids, 7 and 8, but even though this session of the 2-week camp was ages 8-12, Violet was pretty clearly one of the younger ones. She noted to me that even some of the 10-year-olds seemed to try to act very “teenager-y.” She’ll never do soccer at Sen Lin Hu again — the big kids would never pass to her! But she did make friends with some older kids, too.

closing program singing

Last night I was helping her dry off after a shower, and I commented that 9 was a great age, because you are getting big, but you’re still little. She asserted that she’s still little, and won’t be half-big, half-little until next year, until she’s 10. Knowing that Violet has always thought of herself as pretty big, I was a little surprised at her comment, but not that much. Going away to camp was a positive experience — I don’t think that she felt scared or bad. She just got to see up close that she’s not like the big girls yet, and she’s good with that. But she is still pleased that a boy asked her to dance on the last night!

They dance to Chinese pop music, such as this hit, which I think is either called “Kan guo lai” (“look over here”?) or Dui mian de nu hai:

kan guo lai

But by far the camp favorite is Superstar (the video is from the original performer):


This is just a tiny bit of the campers who were at the session.


It’s scary to think about having 2 Concordia campers someday — maybe we’ll win the lottery before then.

sen lin hu



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4 responses to “More from Sen Lin Hu

  1. Oh, that’s sort of poignant, isn’t it. Maybe not for Violet but for you. My daughter (who is 6) thinks of herself as much more grownup than she is, well, until she’s around clearly older girls. Boys don’t seem to count for some mysterious reason.

    I loved that “You are my superstar” video. How sweetly cheesy. And catchy.

  2. Angela, MotherCrone

    I think this is a great epiphany. My daughter experienced something similar at 10…letting me know in no uncertain terms that she wanted to enjoy being a kid fully because once she was 13, she had lots of responsibilities and teenage “things” to think about. And oddly, this awareness really was a choice for her, because when she turned 13 she really did take a conscious major step forward in all areas. In retrospect, I love that she allowed herself those extra years instead of rushing!

  3. Mine’s almost 11 now and I can see a big difference just in the last few months. But she and her friends do still “play”. I think the Playmobil has had more use in the last little while than any time previously. But that is one of the hardest parts of having a kid who is capable of working at a higher level. They are in with older kids and that can be tricky.

    I was going to say something about the language thing. In my own experience of learning a second language and speaking quite fluently, talking on the phone is more difficult than talking in person. You have no visual clues to help you out. Try it, but don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t work quite yet. I took it as a major indication of how good my French language skills were when I could talk to someone about my physics homework on the phone (1st year university). 🙂

  4. That is so sweet, that she says 10 is the halfway mark to being big. I cried when I read that. I remember years ago that my youngest sister, quite a bit younger, came out to visit me at 10/11. We took a trip to Redwood National Park together with my spouse and my Aunt. When she left I cried and cried because she would be all grown up the next time I saw her. Ten and eleven are really sweet ages. My niece, soon to be 13, stopped hanging out with use this past year 😦

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