See you real soon

We have our friends from India here, so that is why things are so quiet in this space. But not around the house — five squealing girls ages 3-9!

Eggmaster is off doing his orientation for his new job today and tomorrow, and then he’ll be starting the work from home adventure Wednesday.

In other news, Violet has lobbied to try goalie for the first time tonight — as long as we aren’t having big thunderstorms.

Violet has been talking frequently about growing-up stuff — it is really on her mind. I don’t want to get into the personal details for her, so I’ll just say that for me it is exciting and sad. Exciting to think about her growing and changing, sad to think about her not being a little girl. And of course sad to see that she is intellectually really aware of what’s going on but emotionally uncomfortable with it.

I’m reminded of what Linda Silverman says:

If we say that all people look at the world through a lens, with some lenses cloudy or distorted, some clear, and some magnified, we might say that gifted individuals view the world through a microscope lens and the highly gifted view it through an electron microscope. They see ordinary things in very different ways and often see what others simply cannot see.

I think the close-up “view” of her own developmental processes is unpleasantly intense for her, and the contrast between her ability to recognize what’s happening intellectually and her ability to cope with it emotionally is especially bugging her. It’s as if her mind is watching her body and soul grow up. Weird. (I’d illustrate with quotes from her, but that’s what I mean by getting too personal.)

Better run!



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3 responses to “See you real soon

  1. Have fun with your friends.

    I am SO not ready for Z to be growing up. (hugs to you))

  2. That growing up thing will be weird for you, too. Tigger is a little older than V. and we’re right in the middle of it. T. doesn’t seem to find it bothersome at all, though one of her friends is not so happy with it all. I like that lens metaphor.

  3. waterfriend

    i like children.
    we have a river in our village
    sometimes we go for swimming

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