Farewell to old friends

Our India friends left today (post about their initial departure is here). Of course there is always something nice about having the house to yourself after it’s been full of guests, but we really enjoyed having them. We took a sadly small amount of photos, given that we were once great scrapbooking buddies.

We met up with some of their other friends for a picnic in a park across the river from downtown, but my pictures are not good at all!

Here are my attempts to capture Victoria, all of which ended up with hair in the face:

St. Paul basilica steamboat victoria

For her part, Violet was insistent on not smiling:


I enjoyed this picnic spot. It’s fun to have a river view and a downtown view together. Our city feels so small town, so it’s cool to look out and feel slightly urban for a change.

st. paul

Anyhow, our friends who visited are very fun — they like to go out and explore new things, have adventures, stay busy. They took us to some fun places we had never been to in our own town, including a kind of performance art marathon and a tiki bar. But they are also very family-centered, so we all enjoyed watching the 5 kids run through the sprinkler and color and play together. It was like a little vacation at home! We’ll miss them, but hopefully we’ll get another chance to do it again next year.




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4 responses to “Farewell to old friends

  1. Angela, MotherCrone

    what a precious back shot! I love that! Sounds like a lovely visit…and how wonderful to maintain friendships across such distances.

  2. So sweet. It sounds like you all had a wonderful time.

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