Learning Notes for mid-July

This is the most “summer break” we’ve ever taken. Mainly it’s fueled by my ongoing fatigue issues — visit to the Endocrinologist Friday, finally, yay!! — but I’m also finding myself slow to adapt to our new arrangements.

It’s great having Eggmaster home, but something kicks over in my brain and I think it’s the weekend. He’s down in the basement working, so it’s not like he’s disrupting our day in anyway — not that being in your own home is necessarily disruptive. I just mean that the mere fact of knowing he is in the house somewhere is throwing me off! But I’m sure I’ll adjust to that eventually.

Happily, the girls are adjusting well to my laziness and neglect. Eggmaster started this week working in the Challenge Math book with Violet. She chose to start with probability, which she is currently trying to teach to Victoria. We went out to a fun restaurant/bar last night that has lots of board games and video games, and we played Yahtzee, so with every roll she was calculating the probability of getting the dice she needed. [BTW, if you are in the Twin Cities area, your kids will really enjoy the Chatterbox Pub, where they encourage you to hang out after your meal and play games at your table. It looks like a 1970s basement rec room, and it has really dated-looking sofas gathered around the video games, in addition to the regular booths for eating.]

Violet has been writing a play in Chinese, and this morning she and Victoria were singing a song in Chinese. “We are . . . ” is about all I understood of it. Her excitement about Chinese continues to grow — Sen Lin Hu continues to have a powerful effect. The 2-week camp was really worth it.

I have been doing a lot of strewing from the library too. We continue to enjoy the Marcia Williams books. Right now we have Hooray for Inventors! The girls are taking a lot of interest in who invented what and why things get certain names. Victoria decided today that spatulas must have been invented by Mr. Spatula from Spatula Town, since that seems to be the theme in naming new inventions. My guess is that it was Mrs. Ogg from Upper Caveville.

I’ve also put out books from the Words Are CATegorical series, which are really pitched more at Victoria’s age, but Violet likes them too. They are very silly, rhyming grammar books — a good introduction for a little one, a simple review for older kids.

Also, lots of soccer and piano. And that’s plenty.



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4 responses to “Learning Notes for mid-July

  1. It all sounds great.

    Wishing you good health. Let us know if anything is diagnosed, I will be thinking of you.

  2. adsoofmelk

    Sounds like fun! We’re taking it pretty easy also — glad to know someone else is dialing back a bit for the summer.

  3. Oh, I hope you get some answers soon. It really sucks not to feel up to it, doesn’t it.

    Did you send me something the other day? My computer was acting up (almost erased my entire iPhoto!) and I have something on my desktop with your name on it. Being the computer Luddite that I am (sigh), I’m not sure where it came from.

  4. Heather Gray

    I hope you get some good news at the Doctors.

    Wow,it is so cool that Violet is writing a play in Chinese! Your girls are lucky to have each other.

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