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I know health updates are about as tedious as it gets, but it has been on my mind so much lately that of course it is leaking into my blog.

The bottom line is that the internist I saw (basically these are the GPs and family docs of the 21st century, for better or worse) was like “Oh, you’re tired and gaining weight — well, we’ll call you if your labs are abnormal but otherwise don’t bug me.” So I went to a specialist today who said, “Well, we specialists take a different view, clearly you’re increasingly hypothyroid, so let’s start some meds today and we’ll check back in 4-6 weeks and take it from there.”

Now I’m not looking for a magic pill, but dang it, I should feel better than this at age 38! I could go into painful detail about the weird twists and turns of getting a thyroid diagnosis, but the bottom line is finally I got a specialist to actually *see* me, and that’s all it took. What annoys me is that looking over my thyroid labs for the last 3+ years it seems that there was a red flag when my lab numbers took a big jump almost 3 years ago — I could possibly have avoided a lot of the depression flares, weight gain, and generally poor health that I have been dealing with. Arrrggghhh!

But I don’t have a time machine, so I need to go with what I’ve got now. Right now the placebo effect of someone actually saying, “Your thyroid isn’t functioning like it needs to, I think I can help” is already making me feel much more energetic!

That’s all you’ll hear from me on this boring topic, but I figured I should finish what I started. And let me be a cautionary tale that patients really need to educate themselves and push when they aren’t feeling well. Sometimes I felt like after we got to “depression” in my health histories all the Dr.s would hear is “wah-Wah wah-Wah wah.” I know too many stories of people who are told that they need to accept feeling bad because they are too old, too heavy, female, whatever. Fight the power! πŸ˜‰



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7 responses to “Health News

  1. I hope this brings you energy and a feeling of happiness. I’ve gone to the doctor for the same issues with no results. My mother is hypo so I keep thinking it might be my problem. They take a test and say the results are within limits. But whose limits? Aren’t we all a bit different. My body temp never reaches normal. It is always low. That is my normal.

    I just so happy that it is going to get better for you. Whohoo!

  2. One of my friends is also going through a thyroid diagnosis. She has a 2 year old so I think maybe she just thought it was plain old exhaustion for a while. It seems to take ages, but it is good that someone is now saying there is a problem.

    And my biggest complaint about doctors is the ones who see a heavier woman and basically blame everything on the weight. It is lazy, apart from anything else.

    I hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. I am so happy for you! I know the frustration of doctors fobbing you off, and the joy that a diagnosis, finally, can bring. Yay! At least you will be able to take medication now and bring yourself back to normal. Congratulations πŸ™‚ I don’t think it has been boring to read about this at all. You’re my friend, I want to hear how you are.

  4. So what are the “numbers” that were increasing over the past few years that the doctor noticed? Just curious…

  5. Good for you — I’m glad. It’s so frustrating when you KNOW something is wrong but aren’t getting the right help.

  6. I hope this doctor has figured it out and has options that will help you feel better soon.

  7. Heather Gray

    You go girl! I am so happy for you that you are getting the help you need.

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